50 Halloween Games and Activities for Kids to Celebrate while Social Distancing

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The CDC has discouraged trick-or-treating in many areas this year. That advice has sent families searching for alternative activities to celebrate Halloween. Even though the holiday might be different this year, there are still plenty of ways to make it memorable!

These 50 at-home Halloween activities can all be done within your neighborhood and at a safe distance from others. From new crafts and games to classic Halloween activities, here are plenty of ways to have fun.

1. Use this free printable to do a scavenger hunt while walking or driving around your neighborhood and looking at the decorations.

2. Make this pretend werewolf from paper plates and a few other everyday items.

3. Hold a family contest to see who can make the best costume from things they find around the house.

4. Put together a ghost potato stamp to create some festive October art.

5. “Boo” your neighbors (or send them a nice Halloween treat) from a distance.

6. This (adjective) Halloween Mad Libs game is sure to (verb)!

7. Fold up a vampire bookmark for a themed craft that will encourage your kids to read.

8. Do a Halloween twist on Easter egg hunts: hide candy around your house or backyard for your children to find.

9. Share an educational Halloween video with your child to learn something new and have fun doing it.

10. Read a few spooky children’s books together for a fright your children are sure to love.

11. Play a few rounds of Halloween bingo and see who can win the best two out of three.

12. Try one-way trick-or-treating, an activity the CDC recommends over traditional trick-or-treating during the pandemic.

13. Hold a Halloween parade around your neighborhood so kids can see each other’s costumes from a safe distance.

14. You don’t have to forego costumes just because trick-or-treating might not be an option. Try making one of these recycled Halloween costumes.

15. Watch a scary children’s movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

16. Make a Frankenstein sun catcher to hang up in your window.

17. Host a video call with friends to celebrate Halloween together while staying safe.

18. In the days leading up to Halloween, put together a countdown chain.

19. Try folding up a few Halloween hand puppets and telling a story about them with your child.

20. Play a twist on a classic game: “Pin the Spider on the Web.”

21. Play a ball toss game using old candy buckets.

22. Play the mummy wrap game for a silly activity your kids are sure to enjoy.

23. Stick to the classics and carve pumpkins together. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

24. Once you’re done carving pumpkins, roast the seeds for a delicious fall snack.

25. Set up a candy catapult for an exciting new way to enjoy sweet treats on Halloween.

26. Make these fizzing pumpkins from a few everyday ingredients for a fun science activity.

27. Print out some coloring pages to wind down and enjoy a relaxing Halloween evening.

28. Host a video call with friends to celebrate Halloween together from a safe distance.

29. Paint some zombie rocks for simple yet spooky outdoor Halloween decor.

30.  Play a DIY game of pumpkin twister to get moving as a family.

31. Make a straw skeleton for a craft that both celebrates Halloween and teaches basic biology.

32. Kids love slime, and this Halloween-themed slime is super easy to make.

33. Set up a Halloween mystery box to equally spook and delight your children.

34. Make your own Halloween-themed escape room for a fun evening activity.

35. Put together a bat wings headband for a stylish way to celebrate the holiday.

36. Turn on “Thriller,” “The Monster Mash,” or another Halloween song and have a home dance party.

37. Set up a virtual UNICEF box and gather donations online instead of while trick-or-treating this year.

38. For a STEM Halloween activity, use this free download to make a geometric bat.

39. Set up a jack-o’-lantern sensory bin to help your little ghouls and goblins have a happy Halloween.

40. Make a few Halloween paper garlands and hang them up around the house for a frightening twist on paper snowflakes.

41. Create some paper caramel apples for the little “apples of your eyes.”

42. Put together vampire handprints for a unique and personalized Halloween craft.

43. Make a Halloween stress ball to encourage some relaxation.

44. Put together this giant Halloween word search to keep your kids entertained and learning.

45. Play this game of ring toss designed to look like witches’ hats.

46. Set up these ghost rockets outside for a Halloween activity that’s equally spooky and science-y.

47. Play tic tac toe using these painted Halloween rocks.

48. Check out this free printable for a pumpkin matching game to delight your whole family.

49. Play a Halloween bowling game using old tin cans.

50. Put together this 3D Halloween art for an activity you’ll want to hang up on the fridge afterward.

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