Build a Strong Learning Community

Professional services for educators and families to maximize early learning

Professional Services for Your Entire Learning Community


Equip educators with understanding and powerful educational tools.


Engage students with individualized learning solutions, guided by data.


Encourage families to
be an active part of their students’ learning.

This was a very well-executed learning session! This was not only age-appropriate for the demographic I teach, but also very carefully and systematically presented. I knew exactly what I was learning

–New Jersey Educator

Available Services

Professional services for educators and families to maximize early learning


  • Align your implementation to your goals and milestones
  • Meet individual student needs with high-quality activities and classroom practices
  • Support across the entire school year with onboarding, reporting, coaching, and more
  • Implement goals and monitor outcomes with data
Professional Learning
  • Gain a complete understanding of how to use Waterford Reading Academy
  • Empower families with workshops and continuous, personalized communication
  • Personalize learning to meet student needs
  • Use data to support and improve instruction

Instructional Coaching

  • Collaborate and reflect on instructional practices for continuous improvement
  • Enjoy flexible coaching sessions with personalized support for educators
  • Support educators with setup, planning, using data, and engaging families
  • Map your curriculum to Waterford Reading Academy’s digital resources to optimize learning

Collaborative Inquiry

  • Build a collaborative community of educators and families
  • Engage in joint problem-solving using feedback and expertise from all stakeholders
  • Facilitate the transition of students from one school year to the next
  • Leverage data and feedback to optimize growth

Family Engagement

  • Empower families to support learning  at home
  • Provide resources for social-emotional development
  • Connect families to the school and community
  • Engage children and families in interactive learning

This session was helpful in giving me ideas to take back to my admin and teachers on how we can better engage our families and create more buy in at home.

-Arizona Educator

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Services Aligned to Your School Year and Needs

Services Aligned to Your School Year and Needs

Family Academy: Makes learning fun. Creating a family-oriented learning environment.​

-Maryland Family