Learn from the Pro at No Cost

Join literacy expert Julie Christensen in this free webinar series on understanding and applying the science of reading. In each of the seven sessions, you’ll learn the neuroscience behind how children learn to read along with research-based classroom strategies.

At the end of this series, you’ll be able to answer:

  • How can neuroscience and educational research inform today’s reading instruction?
  • How can you help your students build their skills in the key areas of literacy development?
  • How can you teach your students to be effective communicators?

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December 14, 11:00AM MT

Phonics: Breaking the Reading Code

With phonics, students connect sounds and letters to break the reading code. This session outlines research-based approaches for phonics instruction.

January 11, 11:00AM MT

Fluency: The Bridge from Word Identification to Reading Comprehension

Fluent readers read smoothly, automatically, and with good expression. Learn how to help your students develop fluency and how fluent reading contributes to reading comprehension.

January 25, 11:00AM MT

Comprehension & Vocabulary: Reading as a Lifelong Tool for Learning

With strong comprehension, reading becomes a lifelong tool for learning! This session explains how you can provide the building blocks for good comprehension for your students.

February 8, 11:00AM MT

Language Concepts: The Structure of Written Language

Language concepts describe the structure of written language. Learn how a strong understanding of language concepts supports your students in their journey to proficient reading.

February 22, 11:00AM MT

Communication: The Four Domains of Language

The four domains of language—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—are closely interconnected. Learn how to help your students become effective communicators by building their proficiency in each of these domains.

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November 16, 11:00AM MT

An Overview of the Science of Reading: From Research to Instruction

What does neuroscience tell us about how the brain learns to read? What does educational research tell us about effective reading instruction? Learn how you can put your students on the path to reading success with the science of reading.

November 30, 11:00AM MT

Phonological Awareness: The Structure of Spoken Language

What is phonological awareness and why is it an essential part of learning to read? Learn how to help your students build these foundational skills.