Family Engagement in Education

Resources to help early education leaders increase student success through meaningful family partnerships.

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Interview with Candra Morris

Hear from Candra Morris, Waterford’s VP of Professional Learning, who wrote the book on family engagement!

Family Engagement Strategies and Benefits

Dive into the fundamentals of family engagement with these resources and explore practical tips to apply to your classroom or school.

How Family Engagement Leads to Student Success

Family involvement in education can make a profound difference in early learning outcomes on both the classroom and schoolwide level.

How Two-Way Communication Boosts Family Engagement

Only one-way communication can leave families feeling left out of classroom decision-making. Choose meaningful connections by prioritizing two-way communication with families.

Strengthening Academic Success Through Family Engagement

Family engagement has huge benefits in early education! Increased family engagement leads to improved academic achievement due to students getting practice at home as well as at school.

How to Promote Family Engagement During the First Weeks of School

The earlier in the school year educators begin to collaborate with families, the more likely their strategies are to be effective.

Tools for Implementing a Family Engagement Program

Resources to help administrators cultivate a school-wide family engagement culture.

Partnering Together for Success

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Family Engagement Strategies for Early Education Leaders

Explore this ebook on how to build family relationships based on mutual trust, overcome systemic barriers, and partner with community organizations for success.

The CARES Framework

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A Guide for Early Education Leaders

Read this ebook and explore the research-backed framework driving impactful family engagement, including the five most important priorities for centering your initiatives.

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Impactful Family Engagement Made Easy

Tune in to this webinar to learn how a partnership with Waterford can help you elevate family voices, design a program rooted in CARES, and leverage personalized workshops that enable student success.

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Waterford Family Academy

Engaging workshops to help families develop an understanding of how to support their child’s learning at home. Waterford takes care of promotion, registration, and session delivery lead by curriculum experts!

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