Classroom Support & Success for All Students

Guide your PreK-2 students along an adaptive learning path with Waterford Reading Academy. Our unique program blends explicit instruction with engaging activities to equip every educator with the tools they need for student success.

Classroom Support & Success for All Students

Guide your PreK-2 students along an adaptive learning path with Waterford Reading Academy. Our unique program blends explicit instruction with engaging activities to equip every educator with the tools they need for student success.

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Aligned for Success

  • Engage Learners in Explicit Instruction
  • Empower All Learners and Their Families
  • Equip Educators with a Proven Program

How Does Waterford Reading Academy Work?

Waterford Instructional Strands & Learning Activities


  • 2,000+ explicit reading lessons
  • 7,000+ activities
  • 180 instructional songs
  • 225 hours of instruction
  • Aligned to standards

Math & Science

  • 700+ lessons
  • 5,000+ activities
  • 173 instructional songs
  • 110 books
  • 300 hours of instruction
  • Aligned to standards

Personalized, adaptive instruction

Waterford Reading Academy guides students along an adaptive, individualized learning path.

Foundational Skill Development

Fluent reading begins with a strong foundation in phonological awareness, phonics, language concepts, comprehension, and vocabulary. Waterford provides instruction and practice in critical skills via computer adaptivity, teacher assignments, and/or guided student selection of activities.

Independent or Assigned Reading

Students practice their acquired literacy skills with scaffolded digital lessons that promote deeper thinking, understanding, and comprehension of the books they read, including the most popular student and teacher choices.

Student Engagement

Our instructional software delivers activities, games, songs, videos, and animated characters to keep students engaged and encouraged.

Intrinsic Motivation

Once reading becomes its own reward, students are motivated by new and interesting characters, settings, and situations they visualize with their mind’s eye. They are forever empowered by deeper thinking and a personal discovery of knowledge.

Teacher Tools, Resources, and Support

We know you work tirelessly to provide the best education possible for your students, and Waterford supports teachers every step of the way with professional learning and on-site coaching to understand and use program data.

We deliver both proactive and reactive support throughout the year and coaching to develop and execute the perfect school implementation.

Teacher Resources

  • +8,000 digital learning activities​
  • Direct instruction​
  • Lesson plans​
  • Instructional videos​
  • Content you can customize and share​
  • Parent newsletter​

Professional Coaching:

  • Help decipher and implement data​
  • Optimize usage​
  • Customize implementation​
  • Train on new features​

Small-Group and Whole-Group Instruction

  • Train on new features​
  • +1,500 intervention playlists

Waterford Reading Academy Outcomes

Higher test scores from students who truly love to read and to learn.

Equipped teachers who know which action to take in the right moment.

Empowered families who are engaged in their child’s education. & ESSA: Evidence-Based Research

Waterford software has been formally assessed in a variety of schools and districts of varying size, location, and socioeconomic status, and results are consistent in supporting the software’s considerable effectiveness.

“The consistency of the research results, both within and between studies, is striking.”

Waterford Software Found to Have a Significant Impact on Early Literacy Skills

Waterford Upstart, which uses the same early learning software as Waterford Reading Academy, was evaluated against high-quality preschool programs in Utah to determine their effectiveness on early literacy.

The study shows that children who use Waterford Software at home before starting kindergarten showed significantly higher literacy scores than the control group, while children enrolled in high-quality public and private preschools did not have significantly higher scores than control group students.

The study also found that those Waterford children showed similar levels of socio-emotional development compared to their peers in high-quality preschools.

Longitudinal Study: Waterford Kindergarten-Readiness Program

In an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of Waterford curriculum, the same used in Waterford Reading Academy, as a kindergarten‑readiness program, results showed that the program significantly increased literacy skills—especially among at-risk populations. Data from the five years shows that the gains last beyond kindergarten.

Waterford & Goose Creek CISD researched the effects of its early learning curriculum with Goose Creek elementary students. This study measured the longitudinal impact on the literacy skills of children who used Waterford curriculum from kindergarten to second grade.

The results indicated significant literacy gains across the board for Waterford users, including at-risk and dual language learning students.


Waterford is proud of its ongoing partnership with Wichita Falls Independent School District (WFISD) in northern Texas. Early in 2018, the district began implementing the kindergarten readiness program, Waterford Upstart, to help children learn essential reading skills before they ever enter public school to ensure every child has a fair start.

The district also uses the same Waterford software in their elementary schools to build on literacy skills gained from Waterford Upstart. Leading the efforts in Wichita Falls are Superintendent Michael Kuhrt and Dr. Travis Armstrong, Director of Early Learning in the district.

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