Elevate Early Learning with a Proven PreK-2 Curriculum

Anchored in the science of learning, students progress through an adaptive learning path in reading, math, and science, created to best support the way young children grow.

Elevate Early Learning with a Proven PreK-2 Curriculum

Anchored in the science of learning, students progress through an adaptive learning path in reading, math, and science, created to best support the way young children grow.

Working Together for a Strong Start

  • Explicit instruction for learners
  • Personalized support for families
  • Proven program for educators

How Does Waterford’s Early Learning Program Work?

Students receive explicit and systematic instruction. When skill proficiency is reached, learners then move ahead. Supportive feedback and targeted reteaching are provided as needed.


2,000+ explicit reading lessons
7,000+ activities
180 instructional songs
225 hours of instruction
Aligned to standards


Math & Science

700+ lessons
5,000+ activities
173 instructional songs
110 books
300 hours of instruction
Aligned to standards

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All Learners Need a Strong Start in School

Waterford programs provide effective education tailored for early learners, ensuring a strong foundation in their formative years. For decades, educators nationwide have benefited from our effective, proven programs that are engaging, accessible, and adaptable, enhancing the educator experience. Thanks to its adaptive nature, Waterford programs cater to a wide range of learners, accommodating those in special education services while also providing challenges for students seeking more advanced content. Additionally, the program includes embedded Spanish language support and offers companion resources in Spanish.

Rooted in the Science of Reading

By leveraging evidence-based research and the science of reading, each student’s reading development is optimized to accelerate learning and provide targeted intervention.

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Math & Science

Learners develop foundational math and science skills through an adaptive learning path aligned to national and state standards. The math curriculum follows the What Works Clearinghouse Five Evidence-based Recommendations for Teaching Math to Young Children.

Inclusive Representation

The Waterford curriculum uses a “Windows and Mirrors” framework when creating content. Careful consideration is taken to ensure learners see themselves “mirrored” in the content with positive representation. Children are also provided a respectful, accurate, inclusive “window” into other cultures through storylines, illustrations, and narration.

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Built-in Family Engagement

Families are encouraged to participate in their child’s learning journey. Personalized learning tips, plus access to hundreds of digital books and resources in English and Spanish, offer families loads of ideas for at-home learning.

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High Quality Instructional Materials Backed by Dozens of ESSA Efficacy Studies

Equip your educators with the resources to support every learner in less time!

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Digital Learning Activities for Whole and Small Group Instruction

Digital playlists make it easy to teach new skills and reinforce learning concepts on interactive whiteboards or by assigning playlists to groups of students.

Extensive Library of Printable Resources

With thousands of standards-aligned resources, educators have instant access to print resources to supplement instruction.

Data for On-the-Spot Decision Making

Intuitive dashboards and reports allow educators to quickly identify where support is needed, monitor progress, and track usage.

Equitable Impact

Waterford programs have demonstrated the highest levels of ESSA efficacy, including two randomized control trial studies published in the prestigious What Works Clearinghouse. Results consistently support Waterford’s effectiveness regardless of school or district size, location, and demographics.


Waterford significantly and equitably impacts Nevada learning outcomes in reading and math.


Waterford leads all kindergarten early learning programs in Utah.

First Grade

Waterford usage in kindergarten leads to Texas first graders outperforming their peers in literacy.

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