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Waterford Upstart is an at-home early learning program that gives you free tools, coaching, and resources so you can put your child on a path to academic success.

Whether over the summer or through the school year, this program is always provided at no cost to families – the only thing you’ll spend is time with your child!

Your child's success is our mission.

You want your child to enter school confident and ready to learn. So do we. 

With Waterford Upstart, your child will learn foundational skills in reading, math, and science, right at home.

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You’re already doing the work. We’re here to support you with: 

  • Award-winning, on-demand learning that adapts to your child
  • Interactive activities, songs, and stories that kids love
  • Offline tools, one-on-one coaching, and educational resources
  • Computer and internet access, if needed

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