Can You Complete All 48 of These Summer Reading Challenges?

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Sometimes getting kids to read over the summer can be a struggle. But if you can find fun ways to boost their motivation, your children will have fun reading while school’s out—and keep their literacy skills sharp.

Learn a little more about why it matters to keep kids reading over the summer. Plus, read on to the end for a free summer reading challenge printable to make reading exciting.

Why is Summer Reading so Important?

It’s crucial to keep your child reading to prevent them from losing important skills over the summer. According to Scholastic, children who read as few as six books during the summer are less likely to have lost reading skills when they return to school.

This means that if your children can make a little bit of time for books each day, they’ll be much more prepared to start the next school year strong! It’s a simple but effective way to make sure your child will be ready to succeed in school.

Summer Reading List for Kids: 48 Fun Challenges

To help make reading exciting for your little ones, we’ve put together a summer reading challenges checklist. You can download it by clicking on the image below. Not only will they be challenged to read in all sorts of places—like in a pillow fort or outdoors—but they’ll also get to explore a ton of different genres, from poetry to fantasy and more..

Feel free to adapt this checklist to fit your personal needs. Anything you do get your child reading will be great!

If your child doesn’t complete all the challenges by the end of the summer, that’s okay. Every day spent reading and trying something new is a success—and will help them practice their literacy skills. Plus, they can always get a second chance next summer to read their way through the challenges again.

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