Waterford UPSTART’s Commitment to Serve Rural Families in Indiana

Waterford UPSTART’s Commitment to Serve Rural Families in Indiana

Toni Butler from Rushville, Indiana wants nothing more for her kids than for them to be successful. As a single mother with four children active in school and sports, little time remains to prepare her youngest son, Jameson, for kindergarten.

Indiana’s state legislators are committed to early education and literacy, and they see kindergarten readiness programs like Waterford UPSTART as viable solutions to close learning gaps. In the state’s rural and low-income areas, access to early education options are limited, if available at all. By helping children get ready for kindergarten in their own homes and at no cost, Waterford UPSTART is able to bridge geographic and financial barriers that might otherwise prevent children from accessing education.

Toni has noticed a huge improvement in Jameson’s reading abilities since starting Waterford UPSTART, and he even considers it to be “really fun.” Jameson is now able to count, recite the alphabet, and more—all skills that his mother Toni says he wouldn’t have learned without Waterford UPSTART.

Waterford UPSTART’s adaptive curriculum provides every student the personalized lessons they need at the pace that works for their unique learning style and skill set. Research shows that Waterford UPSTART is extremely effective at teaching children the foundational knowledge they need to excel in school.

Waterford UPSTART is currently serving children in Indiana through a pilot project, which is now enrolling four-year-olds for the 2019-2020 year. For more information on Waterford UPSTART or to register your child, please visit waterfordupstart.org.

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