End Bullying: October is National Bullying Prevention Month

​October 24, 2018

United States

More than one in five students reports being bullied at school each year. From name calling, being made fun of, threatened or physically harmed, adolescents who are picked on by bullies find that it can be fearful or emotionally damaging to go to school.

Raising more awareness

To raise more awareness of bullying, every October is National Bullying Prevention Month. This nationwide campaign, started by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center in 2006, reaches out to communities, school administrators, and families around the world to educate about the need to keep kids safe in school.

PACER writes: “Historically, bullying had been viewed as “a childhood rite of passage” that “made kids tougher,” but the reality has always been that bullying can leave devastating and often long-term effects such as a loss of self-esteem, increased anxiety, and depression for those involved.”

How to get involved this October

The month-long event brings thousands of people together to focus on activities that raise awareness. PACER offers several activities and ideas to get involved as a family, classroom, or community.

Unity Day – October 24, 2018
People around the world wear orange to show that they come together against bullying.

Show support through social media

Download posters, order an orange t-shirt, update your social media profiles and use #UnityDay2018 to show support for Unity Day.

Champion Against Bullying

Schools or organizations can register and get involved as a champion against bullying by organizing activities that raise awareness of bullying prevention.

Run, Walk, Roll Event

Cities across the U.S. hold a community event in October where people can register to run or walk and roll to support Bullying Prevention Month.

How can teachers prevent bullying in the classroom?

Teachers can set the tone in the classroom. Build trusting relationships with students and watch for students who may seem socially excluded. Activities where students collaborate can give the class more opportunities to learn how to work together and allow teachers to observe the interaction.

National Bullying Prevention Month is a great time for teachers to raise awareness in the classroom and community about the need to prevent bullying. PACER provides year-long resources for teachers to educate students on how they can get involved with creating a safe environment at school and in the community. By discussing how to prevent bullying, students will be more involved in determining bully behavior that is hurtful and unacceptable.

Visit PACER’s website to access a full list of activities and resources for National Bullying Prevention Month.

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