31 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week While Social Distancing

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Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner. This year it’s the week of May 4. And while it is always important to recognize how much teachers matter,  this year is especially significant. Many teachers have worked around the clock to move their teaching online and to support their students while schools are closed.

Social distancing can make it tough to show teachers how much you care, but there are still plenty of options. From e-cards or thank-you videos to classroom goodies or decorations, we’ve compiled a list of 32 ways you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week at a distance.

Note: Some of these suggestions involve sending food or a gift to the teacher. Always ask your teacher first before sending anything. If a teacher is not comfortable receiving food or gifts, even at a distance, try one of the virtual suggestions instead.

  1. Have your child write a letter to their teacher and send it in the mail. This can be an especially heartfelt gesture if the teacher taught your child how to write this year.
  2. Put together this box of teacher goodies, which includes a mix of treats and classroom supplies.
  3. Record a video of your child saying thank you to their teacher and email it to them.
  4. Send your teacher a gift card for food or classroom supplies.
  5. Make a poster for your teacher with thank-you notes on it and mail it or take a picture to share.
  6. Ask your teacher what their favorite treat is and mail or drop it off for them to enjoy.
  7. If you can coordinate it, put together a classroom thank-you book with notes from every student who can participate.
  8. During Teacher Appreciation Week, use the social media hashtag #ThankATeacher from the National PTA and share how educators have brightened your or your child’s life.
  9. Interview your child about why they’re thankful for their teacher and send the answers to their teacher.
  10. For a silly gift that is sure to make a teacher laugh, make and give them this stress relief present.
  11. Put together a collage of all your child’s classmates to show that you are all still thinking of their teacher, even while they can’t be together at school.
  12. Make and send a simple classroom decoration for your child’s teacher to hang up next year.
  13. Send an e-card.
  14. Gift them a small plant with this sweet message sharing how much your child has grown in class this year.
  15. Write an email to your child’s teacher expressing your gratitude for all they’ve done this year, especially while adapting their classes for online instruction.
  16. Plant a tree in honor of your teacher through the Arbor Day Foundation or The Trees Remember.
  17. Coordinate with other parents on a bigger gift for your teacher.
  18. Start an online fundraiser to raise money for classroom supplies your teacher will need for next year.
  19. Print and send this word cloud poster for your teacher to hang up in their classroom.
  20. Take a picture of your child learning from home and send it to their teacher.
  21. Have your child write a poem for their teacher on what they’ve learned this year and why they’re thankful to be in their teacher’s class.
  22. Make a gift basket for your child’s teacher filled with goodies for them to enjoy.
  23. Send flowers for a gift that’s sure to brighten their day.
  24. Wear red on National Teacher Day (May 6th, 2020) and share that you’re wearing red to recognize teachers on social media using the hashtag #RedForED.
  25. Put together this cute and crafty ”chill pills” gift, a jar full of small candies for your child’s teacher to enjoy when they’re feeling stressed.
  26. Call into a radio talk show and tell the host why you’re grateful for the teachers in your life.
  27. Make a shirt with this iron-on Super Teacher design and send it to your child’s teacher to remind them of how much of a hero they are.
  28. Donate books for your teacher’s classroom library next year.
  29. Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to recognize school staff and administration, too. Reach out to your school’s principal, secretaries, and support staff to let them know how much you care.
  30. Give your teacher something to help them practice a little self-care, like a journal or a nice-smelling candle.
  31. Have your child draw a picture for their teacher and either send it in the mail or take a picture so you can email it.

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