Winter Break Activities: 50 Crafts and Games to Keep Kids Learning

by Andy Minshew


The winter holidays have begun, and school will be out soon! Rest and relaxation are both important for students. But so is keeping the skills they’ve gained over the school year.

These 50 winter crafts and activities are a great way to have fun over the holiday break. You’ll find plenty of ways to practice reading, writing, art, math, and science skills! Plus, we’ve added a few indoor activities to help your family get moving if the weather’s too cold for outdoor games.

1. No snow for the holidays? No problem at all. Whip up some fake snow to play with instead as a chemistry activity for kids!

2. Check out this list of winter children’s books for some themed stories to borrow from the library.

3. Play this snowball alphabet activity to practice your ABCs.

4. This game of Mitten Match helps children practice their numbers and fine motor skills.

5. Print out a game of winter-themed I Spy and see which person in your family can spot the most.

6. Here’s a fun way to learn about a penguin’s life cycle.

7. If you have extra cans lying around, use them to play a game of snowman tin can toss.

8. These winter lacing cards are a great way to help kids learn how to sew.

9. Use the extra time at home to help your child start a journal. You could also use these questions as dinner conversation starters.

10. This ice lantern craft is a great STEAM activity, which means that it teaches both science and art.

11. Kids will love these math and science activities about the winter solstice, which is on December 21.

12. Get crafty and make your own paper plate twirler to watch spin around in the wind.

13. If you have a clear hallway, play a game of indoor hockey using a bean bag and painter’s tape.

14. What do animals do in the winter? Discover the answer in this printable ”Winter Snoozers” picture book.

15. This color-by-letter activity will help children learn their lowercase letters.

16. Play a game of Snowflake Hop to get kids moving on a wintery day.

17. Try out this family winter bucket list for plenty of winter break ideas, like “collect pinecones” or “take pictures of the snow.”

18. This ice fishing activity is awesome for kids who love to fish.

19. Sing these wintery twists on nursery rhyme favorites as a family.

20. Make this frozen sun catcher and set it up for a decoration that should last a little while in the cold weather.

21. Winter break is a great time for science experiments like this igloo engineering activity, which uses toothpicks and marshmallows.

22. Make a DIY bird feeder for a STEM activity that might even bring some feathery visitors to your home.

23. Teach your children about hibernation, then have fun creating this paper plate hibernation craft.

24. Make some “snow floam,” a sensory slime that’s sure to grab your child’s attention.

25. As birds fly south for the winter, teach children why many fly in a “V” formation for a quick and fun home science lesson.

26. See how many entries of this winter reading challenge you can complete, from a non-fiction winter book to a book that became a movie.

27. This snowball catapult craft can help kids learn about science while practicing the alphabet.

28. Do you know how snowflakes get their shapes? Learn how with this crystal snowflake experiment.

29. Borrow “The Mitten” from the library (or read this free print-out of the tale), then use this hands-on activity to learn about the animals in the story.

30. Learn how different liquids react when heated with this hot cocoa experiment.

31. If your child is learning to write, this alphabet tracing printable is a festive way to practice over the break.

32. Set up a hallway maze using painter’s tape, then see who can finish it the quickest.

33. Help young learners practice their shapes with this winter-themed bingo game.

34. This set of arctic animal word cards will expand your child’s vocabulary and help them practice reading.

35. If you have preschool-aged children at home, these tracing sheets will help them practice their fine motor skills.

36. This snow volcano is a fascinating twist on a classic science experiment.

37. Build a pretend ski jump that children can use with their toys.

38. Play a game of winter-themed Minute to Win It as a family, with exciting challenges like “snowball toss.”

39. Break out the finger paints and create a beautiful winter tree.

40. Sharpen your art skills by learning to draw an arctic fox.

41. Set up a game of snowman toss for a simple way to have fun as a family.

42. Mix up some simple snow paint, then take it outdoors to see what kind of creations your children can make.

43. Try this winter storm in a jar activity to learn all about the weather.

44. This game of Snowflake Swat can help young children learn to distinguish between letters.

45. Print out this winter word search from Scholastic and see how many vocabulary words you can find.

46. Read “The Snow Lion,” a tale about siblings Mei and Fu who make a snow lion that comes to life.

47. Practice writing as a family by filling out these winter-themed prompts and sharing your answers.

48. Channel your inner Van Gogh by making a wintery scene out of tinfoil art.

49. Learn all about Snowflake Bentley, the man who discovered that every snowflake is unique, with this read-aloud.

50. Regardless of the weather outside, you can build a snowman with this fun craft.


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