50 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

by Andy Minshew


Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner! This year it’s the week of May 6–10, with National Teacher Day on Tuesday, May 7. It’s a perfect time to show the educator in your child’s life how much you have appreciated their support over the past school year.

From cards and thank-you drawings to goodies and classroom decorations, we’ve compiled a list of 50 ways you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

1. Have your child write and mail a letter to their teacher. This can be an especially heartfelt gesture if the teacher taught your child how to write this year.

2. Download and print this foldable flower so your child can thank their teacher for helping them grow as a learner this year.

3. Send your teacher a gift card for food or classroom supplies.

4. Send an e-card that’s sure to brighten your teacher’s day.

5. Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to recognize school staff and administration, too. Reach out to your school’s principal, secretaries, and support staff to let them know how much you care.

6. Ask your teacher what their favorite treat is and drop it off for them to enjoy.

7. If you can coordinate it, put together a classroom thank-you book with notes from every student who can participate.

8. Put together this cute and crafty  “chill pills” gift, a jar full of small candy for your child’s teacher to enjoy when they’re feeling stressed.

9. Donate new or gently used school supplies to your child’s teacher.

10. For a silly gift that is sure to make a teacher laugh, make and give them this stress relief present.

11. Decorate your teacher’s door with messages of support if you have permission from your school administrators.

12. Make and send a simple classroom decoration for your child’s teacher to hang up next year.

13. Record a video of your child saying thank you to their teacher and email it to them.

14. Fold and send a woven heart, which is a Scandinavian craft filled with candy that’s meant to be shared during any holiday.

15. Write an email to your child’s teacher expressing your gratitude as a caregiver for all they’ve done this year.

16. Plant a tree in honor of your teacher through the Arbor Day Foundation or an organization in your local community.

17. Coordinate with other families on a bigger gift for your teacher.

18. Start an online fundraiser to raise money for classroom supplies your teacher will need for next year.

19. Print and share this word cloud poster for your teacher to hang up in their classroom.

20. If you have a teacher who loves the color pink, this gift idea could make their day.

21. If a teacher helped your child learn to read this year, take a picture of your child reading their favorite picture book and send it to their teacher.

22. Create a few bookends that your teacher can use to keep their classroom library looking stylish.

23. Have your child write to the teacher about all the reasons they’re thankful to be in their teacher’s class.

24. Make or coordinate on a gift basket for your child’s teacher filled with goodies for them to enjoy.

25. Send flowers for a gift that’s sure to brighten their day.

26. Wear red on National Teacher Day (May 3, 2022) and share that you’re wearing red to support teachers on social media.

27. Call into a radio talk show and tell the host why you’re grateful for the teachers in your life.

28. Make a shirt with this iron-on Super Teacher design and send it to your child’s teacher to remind them of what a hero they are.

29. Give your teacher something to help them practice a little self-care, like a journal or a nice-smelling candle.

30. Have your child draw a picture for their teacher and either give it to them in class or take a picture and email it.

31. Ask your teacher if they have a favorite morning drink, like tea or coffee, and bring it to them so they have something delicious to start their day.

32. Make a DIY lanyard with your school colors for a homemade practical gift.

33. Have your child write a poem about their favorite day of school this past year to share with their teacher.

34. If you have a mason jar at home, use it to make a gift full of treats and thank-you messages.

35. This flower bulb craft (included near the middle of this linked article) is a thoughtful, spring-themed gift for teachers who like to garden.

36. Fill out this Thank You, Teacher printout as a handmade gift that shows teachers how they’ve made a difference this year.

37. If you’ve got time to bake, this Thank You apple cookie can make for a great treat to share.

38. For a thank-you gift that also gives teachers helpful school supplies, make this craft to remind them they’re a “cut above the rest.”

39. A handmade bookmark can be especially thoughtful if you have a knack for crafting.

40. Gift them a small plant with this sweet message sharing how much your child has grown in class this year.

41. Ask your child about the favorite thing they learned this year and have them write or email their answer to their teacher.

42. Put together this gift box, which you can then fill with treats or school supplies.

43. Donate a book that your teacher can add to their classroom library.

44. Put together a quick and easy keychain that your teacher can use to add a little flair to their keys.

45. If you are giving your teacher a gift card, pair it with the sweet message on this homemade gift card holder.

46. This coloring card adds a special touch to the usual thank-you cards.

47. Interview your child about why they’re thankful for their teacher and send the answers their way.

48. Decorate a clipboard that your teacher can use to organize their papers with a splash of color.

49. For teachers who love to decorate, this personalized door hanger can mean a lot.

50. With the help of all families in your child’s classroom, put together a photo collage of all your child’s classmates to show that you are all grateful for their teacher’s guidance this past year.


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