Waterford.org, ECECD Bring Early Learning Program to PreK-aged Children Across New Mexico


To learn more about Waterford’s program in New Mexico, to check eligibility, or to register:

SANTA FE, N.M. — Waterford.org, a national early education not-for-profit organization, is continuing its partnership with the New Mexico Early Childhood Education & Care Department (ECECD) to offer its proven-effective learning program to PreK-aged children across the state. The partnership is even more expansive, making Waterford’s adaptive software and accompanying resources available at no charge to those who educate young learners in homes, child care centers and public school classrooms for 4-year-olds. The collaboration aims to ensure access to high-quality educational resources that provide the foundation for a successful learning journey and love of literacy.

Waterford’s research-based early learning program is endorsed by the New Mexico Public Education Department as an approved K-2 resource, and ECECD approved it for PreK learners. Designed to foster intellectual, social and emotional development, the nationally acclaimed program prepares children for a seamless transition into kindergarten. The Waterford program comes with software that adapts to each child’s unique learning style; either a dedicated coach or in-school implementation specialist providing guidance; and access to a computer and internet, if needed. Through the combined efforts of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, state legislators and New Mexico families committed to early learning, there is no cost for caregivers delivering the program in their homes, teachers providing it in public school PreK classrooms and educators doing the work in eligible child care centers.

Eligible entities include not only traditional child care centers with learning environments for PreK children, but also spaces such as Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCAs. The arrangement increases equitable learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.
Program availability is limited. Those interested should secure space now for their young learners. Caregivers and child care providers may register and check eligibility here, and public school personnel would do the same here.

The program is underway and continues through May 2024, aligning with the academic calendar and positioning children for a smooth transition into the 2024-25 kindergarten year.

“The initiative reflects our commitment to providing children with access to educational resources that will help them thrive. Our collaboration with the New Mexico Early Childhood Education & Care Department is making a lasting impact on the lives of children, placing them on their path of lifelong learning,” Waterford.org spokesperson Kim Fischer said.

Waterford.org believes in the power of collaboration and the importance of ensuring equitable access to quality education for all children, regardless of their circumstances. By partnering with caring adults at school and at home, Waterford.org aims to provide the necessary support to help children build confidence, curiosity and a sense of belonging. Waterford’s resources provide opportunities for children to engage with interactive learning experiences that foster a love for learning and establish a strong foundation for academic success.

Learn more about the program and eligibility for it at waterford.org/upstart or 888-982-9898.

About Waterford.org

Waterford.org is a national not-for-profit organization that provides equitable access to proven early education programs for children and the adults who support them. By partnering with caring adults at school and at home, we provide personalized learning that meets the needs of every child to help them build confidence, curiosity and a sense of belonging.

What sets Waterford apart is more than 30 peer-reviewed studies and personalized family support. With Waterford, children are engaged in explicit reading, math and science instruction designed for how they learn. Families receive support to encourage learning at-home, while educators and communities are equipped with a proven-effective solution. Our program’s impressive outcomes led TED to recognize Waterford as an Audacious Project that has the power to change the world.


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