How Waterford UPSTART Helps Children in Rural South Carolina



Melissa Little, principal of Cheraw Primary School, lives in an area without access to the Internet, a challenge that she shares with many families in her district. In rural South Carolina, the issue of access to both technology and quality early education is something that many families in the area face.

Thanks to a pilot that began in the state in 2015, Waterford UPSTART is an option for families who otherwise might not have access to kindergarten readiness resources, including educational software and support from Family Education Liaisons. Mother Allyson Henry is grateful that she isn’t in it alone and receives guidance from start to finish.

The adaptive and personalized lessons in Waterford UPSTART means that children receive exactly what they need at the right time in their education. For families using Waterford UPSTART, their children are no longer playing catchup later on in school, but rather are starting on the right path for a promising future.


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