Smarter reading. Deeper learning.

From the highly motivated student to the reluctant reader, every reading moment is
an opportunity to increase engagement and unlock deeper learning.

Ignite a passion for reading

Curriculum and assessments enhance the reading experience for hundreds of book titles from classics to contemporary.

Ignite a passion for reading
Improve reading comprehension

Standards-aligned questions, annotations, videos, images and assessments encourage reflection at regular checkpoints throughout a text.

Improve reading comprehension
Personalize the reading experience

Motivate students by letting them choose books they love, or use Curriculet to guide them toward one that matches their level and interest.

One reading platform, every reading moment

Whether you rent texts from Curriculet’s digital library or read your own printed or digital
books, Curriculet helps engage students and encourage close reading practice.

On Demand Digital Library

Use any of the 600+ public domain books free with your subscription or rent popular texts in the Curriculet eReader. Experiences, checkpoints, and assessments are embedded directly in the text!

Award Winners Classics Novels

Your Own Library

Aleady have the book?
Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Students can read books in any format and then login
to Curriculet to access experiences and assessments for each chapter.

Your Own Library

Meaningful data and reports

Gain deeper insights into student learning with real-time reports 
that show reading progress and identify standards and topics 
where students are struggling.

Meaningful data and reports

Gain deeper insights into student learning with real-time reports 
that show reading progress and identify standards and topics 
where students are struggling.


Assign pre-built curriculets, edit them, or create your own—precisely the flexibility and customization you’ve been seeking.


Teach a ready-made curriculet with just a few clicks


Edit an existing curriculet to make it your own


Keep your tried-and-true lessons and add your
own curriculets to any text in the digital library


Share curriculets with colleagues and use theirs

I work with struggling readers, so many of my students lack the confidence in their ability to read a book on their own. The annotations and questions on the Curriculet platform give my students the support they need to see that they can comprehend a text at the deepest levels.

Sarah L., Elementary Teacher

Curriculet provides students with engaging access to literary texts. Curriculet also furnishes our teachers with instant feedback about student's reading comprehension. It is a vital component of our personalized learning initiative.

Matt Akin, Superintendent, Piedmont City Schools

Overall, Curriculet is a great platform for fostering high-quality, high-impact ELA instruction. Most importantly, this type of tool can help teachers model active reading skills for their students.

Patricia Monticello Kievlan, Common Sense Education Reviewer

The vast majority of kids could take an incredibly complex gaming text like World of Warcraft and spend weeks mastering it, but if I gave them Huck Finn, they would give up in two seconds. There has to be some mechanism in that game that keeps them persisting — layers, videos, quizzes, background information — embedded into texts. Curriculet aims to make reading more accessible to students and easier for teachers to evaluate learning.

Jason Singer, Founder of Curriculet

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