Camp Consonant

Introduction to Camp Consonant

Camp Consonant is a remediation reading program for Waterford Upstart families. It provides extra help with letters for children who could use more support.

Waterford Upstart’s ultimate goal is to prepare children for school with key reading skills. Camp Consonant focuses on letter skills because they are such an essential step to literacy and starting school strong.

At this time, Camp Consonant is offered by invitation to Utah participants. If you have not received an invitation email, Waterford Upstart has not yet determined that your child would benefit from Camp Consonant.

An elementary-age student reading the news on a tablet

Camp Consonant vs Waterford Upstart Reading Program

In terms of format, Camp Consonant is very similar to your child’s Waterford Upstart reading activities. Your child will learn all about the letters of the alphabet through interactive songs, games, and activities. The difference is that while Waterford Upstart teaches several key reading and pre-reading skills, Camp Consonant focuses on: Uppercase and lowercase letters Letter recognition Letter sounds If your child is enrolled in Camp Consonant, it will replace their usual Waterford Upstart reading activities. You will NOT need to do both programs each day. Your child will continue to see the same math and science activities as before.

Accessing Camp Consonant Activities

Your child will start Camp Consonant activities in the same way that they access their Waterford Upstart activities. All you have to do is log in to your Waterford Mentor account and click on the Camp Consonant start button to begin a session.

Just like the usual Waterford Upstart activities, your child will get the most out of Camp Consonant if they use it 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

For more information on starting Waterford Upstart sessions, click here.