50 Fall Door Decoration Ideas for Your Classroom

by Andy Minshew


Decorating your classroom (or, for virtual teachers, background space) for autumn is an easy way to bring a smile to your students’ faces. If you’re still teaching in person in some capacity, fall door decor can be great for keeping spirits high.

Looking for some festive and simple fall door decorating ideas? We’ve got you covered. These fall-themed decorations are sure to delight your students all season long! Virtual teachers, consider decorating your teaching room with one of these ideas to bring some festivity to your video background.

1. This mummy decoration is a great way to remind kids that Halloween doesn’t have to be spooky.

2. Your students are tough as acorns! Bring a little flair to your fall decor with this acorn-themed class decoration.


3. Add a festive math joke to your door with this gobble-tastic turkey decoration.

4. This spider decoration is sure to help your students feel welcome and know that anyone can “hang around” here!

5. Use a familiar face from Despicable Me in this decoration to remind your students that they have a “minion” reasons to be grateful.

6. This kooky decoration is sure to help your students feel like a family.

7. Do your students love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Decorate your door with this iconic scene from the movie!

8. This timely door decoration reminds students that germs don’t have a place in class. If you’re sick, stay home!

9. What are you thankful for this year? Bring a little gratitude to your classroom with this thankful decoration.

10. Colorful leaves take center stage with this breathtaking fall-themed decoration.

11. This scarecrow has a smile on its face that will welcome students into your classroom.

12. With this decoration, you can wish everyone a “Happy fall, y’all!”

13. Serve up a slice of pumpkin pie with this decoration.

14. Brighten up your door during chilly days with these sunflowers.

15. This decoration will remind your students to “fall” into learning this year.

16. This monster decoration is both spooky and sweet at the same time.

17. Turn your classroom door into colorful candy corn!

18. Bring the pumpkin patch indoors with this festive Halloween decoration.


19. What’s brewing in the witch’s cauldron? Find out with this Halloween door idea.

20. Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with this festive fall door!

21. This turkey decoration will remind your students to enter the classroom with gratitude on their minds.

22. This Giving Tree decoration is especially timely for fall because it’s both apple season and a great time to curl up with a good book.

23. With this Frankenstein decoration, you can have the perfect blend of scary and adorable.

24. What would Halloween be without some tasty candy? Get your students in the fall spirit with this candy decoration.

25. Who’s that in the haunted house? Your students will love that their photos can be included in this decoration!

26. This corn-themed fall decor will help your students “pop” right into fall.

27. Although this Thanksgiving decoration is simple, it’s a great way to bring autumn in the classroom all the way through November.

28. Super spooky! This Halloween decoration will remind your students that, “as they can see,” your classroom is a great place to learn.

29. If your students love the ghoulish side of Halloween, this zombie decoration might just be the perfect idea.

30. No matter what trick-or-treating looks like this year, this Halloween decoration is sure to make those who see it smile.

31. Your class is a “hoot,” and now everyone who sees this decoration will know for sure.

32. This thought-provoking decoration reminds students about one of the lessons fall teaches us: change is beautiful.

33. Your students will go absolutely “batty” for this Halloween classroom decoration!

34. If Red Ribbon Week is coming up for your school, here’s one way to celebrate with style.

35. This falling leaves decoration looks so realistic, your students might be tempted to jump right in!


36. This pilgrim decoration can make for a great November classroom set-up.

37. With this decoration, a ghoulishly delightful witch can welcome your students with a “Come on in, my pretties!”

38. As your students delve into their assignments, this mummy decoration will remind them to get “all wrapped up” in learning.

39. By putting this Dracula decoration up on your door, your students will be greeted by a spooky smile every day.

40. This Monsters, Inc-themed decoration can help your students associate Halloween less with scary monsters and more with happy and familiar faces!

41. This year has been stressful for everyone. This turkey classroom decoration can remind your students that no matter what, they can ”keep calm and gobble on.”

42. “Whooo is ready for a great year?” asks the owls on this adorable classroom door idea.

43. Not only is this Halloween decoration simple to put together—it also combines some of the most popular Halloween figures on one door.

44. If you’re reading Charlotte’s Web this year, consider this fall-themed “Some Class” decoration.

45. This cute one-eyed monster decoration has no tricks—just treats!

46. With this decoration, you can remind your students that everyone in your classroom is a “cool cat.”

47. Bring some good-natured Halloween spookiness to your classroom with this decoration.

48. This dancing skeleton decoration fits in well with any classroom. Just remember to play the “Monster Mash” to get into the dancing spirit!

49. Who doesn’t love a yummy pumpkin spice drink? This pumpkin spice decoration is sure to delight.


50. These jack-o’-lanterns are sure to make anyone feel welcome and happy to be in class.


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