Universal Literacy

Children’s Books for Celebrating Women’s History Month in Class

Women’s History Month, observed each March, is a dedicated time to honor the accomplishments, resilience, and contributions of women. For elementary teachers, this month provides an opportunity and a reminder to include women’s history in your year-round curriculum. The significance of Women’s History Month serves as a powerful reminder that

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How the Science of Reading Informs Waterford.org Curriculum

The human brain is pre-wired for speech, but learning to read always involves explicit instruction. “Learning to read requires several years of intentional instruction,” explains Waterford Director of Curriculum Julie Christensen in a recent video. And the earlier that children are introduced to the foundational skills for reading, the better. Experts

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A little boy in preschool is sitting on a foam mat with his classmates and is holding a picture book - he is smiling and looking at the camera.

How to Teach Language Concepts Skills

Discover the essentials of instruction for language concepts, a set of skills that support the development of reading comprehension. Then, learn strategies to help educators in your school teach language concepts skills—along with five free books available in English and Spanish! The Elements of Language Concepts Instruction of language concepts

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension in Early Ed

Read on to examine the key building blocks for reading comprehension. Then, learn several practical and research-based strategies to help students in your school build reading comprehension skills—with two free books and accompanying resources available in English and Spanish! What is Reading Comprehension? Reading comprehension refers to the ability to

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