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Can You Complete These 48 Summer Reading Challenges?

With all the exciting activities available during the summer, getting kids to read can be a struggle. But if you can find new ways to boost their motivation, your children will have fun reading while school’s out—and keep their literacy skills sharp. Learn more below about why it matters to

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Children’s Books for Celebrating Women’s History Month in Class

Women’s History Month, observed each March, is a dedicated time to honor the accomplishments, resilience, and contributions of women. For elementary teachers, this month provides an opportunity and a reminder to include women’s history in your year-round curriculum. The significance of Women’s History Month serves as a powerful reminder that

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How the Science of Reading Informs Curriculum

The human brain is pre-wired for speech, but learning to read always involves explicit instruction. “Learning to read requires several years of intentional instruction,” explains Waterford Director of Curriculum Julie Christensen in a recent video. And the earlier that children are introduced to the foundational skills for reading, the better. Experts

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