Reading with Young Children: Common Obstacles and Tips to Overcome Them

by Susan Baxter


reading with young childrenAs lovers and advocates of the importance of reading aloud to your children, we could explain why all day long, but it’s also important for us to explain how. Choosing to read aloud with your child each day is typically much easier said than done, and if you have felt this way, you surely aren’t alone!

In actuality, people come across obstacles all the time. Here are some common obstacles and articles to give you advice on how to read with your child:

  • You Don’t Love Reading: Some people aren’t born readers– and that’s okay! If you struggle with reading or just don’t like listening to your voice, it’s important to remember that your child may not feel the same way. This article will give you Four Ways to Be More Comfortable Reading to Your Kids.
  • Your Child Doesn’t Love Reading: Perhaps your child isn’t enthusiastic about reading, or simply can’t stay focused on the book you are reading to them. Here are some ways to get your non-reader to enjoy reading. Another great idea is to turn reading into a Family Challenge; this will surely put excitement back into reading for them!
  • Your Child Doesn’t Read Yet: For the most part, reading aloud will require the parent or caregiver to do the reading, since most children are not able to read yet. However, there may come a point when your child wants to hold the book and take charge. If they are too young to sound out words, then consider using wordless books. These books allow children to learn through context.
  • You’re Not Sure How to Make it Productive: Sure, you’re reading aloud, but should you be doing more? This is a common question asked by parents. While reading out loud alone will benefit them significantly, you can also implement other strategies to enhance the experience. Here are some ideas.

  • There Are Too Many Books! How Do I Choose?: Boy, we understand you on this one! There are thousands of children’s books out there. If you can’t decide on one, let your child pick. Or check out this list of 100 Books to Read with Your Child.

What obstacles do you face when it comes to reading with your child? How do you remedy them?


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