Why It’s So Important Parents Read Aloud to Their Kids—and How You Can Help Convince Them

by Susan Baxter


Want to help a young child develop critical thinking and comprehension skills? It’s time to get reading! It just takes reading aloud for 15 minutes each day to help a young child be better prepared for future learning and school, communicate more clearly, and think creatively.

Every March, we focus on ways to promote Read Aloud Month. The goal of this annual campaign is to educate parents and mentors about the importance of reading to young children. Read Aloud provides shareable graphics, videos and materials to support reading at least 15 minutes each day to a child.

Read Aloud also puts emphasis on teaching parents the importance of reading aloud to a child starting from birth and ensuring that it becomes a consistent activity as young children develop at a rapid pace in their early years.

Want to get involved? Read Aloud has several resources to help educate parents and share the great value of reading to a young child.


Spread the word through social media

A great way to share this campaign is by posting shareable graphics available on the Read Aloud website through social media. Several online shareables are available on this site, including a fun, humorous 30-second video that shares the important message of reading to a child from birth.

You can follow Read Aloud on Facebook to see new content as it becomes available and share it with your network.

Post Read Aloud materials in your classroom and local library

You can share posters and infographics that are available on the Downloads page. This page even offers bookmarks, reading trackers, and activity sheets that are a fun way for parents, teachers, and children to get involved in more reading.

Become a Read Aloud partner

Read Aloud relies on organizations and educators who partner with them to share the month-long campaign. It is super easy and free to sign up as a partner. Over 10,000 partners nationwide participate in Read Aloud to help share the message through local communities, schools, and social media.

Being a partner gives you access to a variety of creative visual content and resources, in English and Spanish, that can be shared to help educate parents on reading aloud to their child.

Reading is one of the most valuable activities parents can participate in with a young child to help prepare them for the future. Getting involved with Read Aloud will help spread the word on how reading plays a primary role in helping young children develop and grow.


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