5 Activities to Help Foster Creativity in Children

by razvantarau


January may officially be International Creativity Month, but creativity is something that can be fostered in children every day. Creativity can help children succeed in school, with their careers, and with problem-solving later in life. According to NAEYC, children benefit from both creative tasks with very few restrictions, which requires them to make decisions on their own, as well as from more structured tasks where children practice following a set of directions.

kindergarten children playing with toysHere is a list of our five favorite activities designed to help your child learn to express their creativity through art, crafts, music, acting, and cooking.

Art: Melted Crayon Stained Glass

This art activity has children make their own stained glass out of crayons and wax paper. The design they choose to make is completely up to them!

Crafts: Crystal Geode Eggs

Help your kids make their own eggshell geodes out of Epsom salt and food coloring. This craft is fun for young students and also teaches them about science and crystallization.

Music: Popsicle Stick Harmonica

Music is a great way for children to be expressive and creative. When singing isn’t enough to express their musical vision, your children can make their very own harmonica using household items. Try it out and start making some music!

Acting: Dress up Essentials

Dressing up allows children to be whoever they want to be and explore anywhere they can imagine. Keeping a prop box that’s easily accessible to your child can make it easier for them to engage in imaginative play.

Cooking: Kid Recipes

Kids can practice following recipes with these cooking activities. These are perfect for young children as they are individually-portioned recipes that all use no heat.


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