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Is your child starting kindergarten this fall? If so, you can take part in this exciting research study for Waterford Upstart, an at-home early learning program.

Your child can boost their reading, math, and science skills all while helping children in your state and across the country. It’s a win-win-win—for you, for your child, and for children nationwide!

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How does this program work?

Families are randomly assigned to one of three research groups.

  • Summer Reading: Your child uses our reading program over the summer.
  • Summer Math & Science: Your child uses our math & science program over the summer.
  • School Year Reading + Math & Science: Your child has access to both our reading and math & science software throughout kindergarten.

Your child uses our software.

Depending on your group, your child will learn with Waterford Upstart’s proven software over the summer (for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week) or during the school year. No matter your group, your child will take an online skills test at the start and end of the summer.

Help your child grow and learn.

As a study participant, your family gets access to award-winning software, a learning coach, and educational resources—as well as a free computer (and Internet access if needed). Plus, you’ll help your child learn while taking part in a program that helps children across the country get a quality education!

How is this free?

This program is part of a research study funded by the U.S. Department of Education, so it’s free to all families who take part!

More than 100,000 families across the country have used Waterford Upstart’s at-home learning program to help supercharge their child’s learning.

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