Spaces for this unique summer offering will fill quickly, so make sure you register today to reserve your spot!

Be Confident for Kindergarten with Waterford Upstart!

Waterford Upstart is a school-readiness program that teaches preschool-aged children basic skills they need in reading, math, and science.

Waterford Upstart provides access to academic success at no cost to participants: personalized family education and coaching, a new computer and Internet if needed, and adaptive educational software.

How Registration Works

To begin your journey, you’ll need to complete our online registration form. The form requires some basic info (don’t worry, we never sell any of your personal information), and should take less than 15 minutes!

Once your registration form is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email giving you the final steps to complete the enrollment process, which will include signing some parent agreement paperwork.

After you complete the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know we’ve received your information. We’ll also follow up with your next steps when you get closer to your starting date.

What Do You Get with
Waterford UPSTART

Access to our award-winning Waterford UPSTART software

A program coach for personalized support

If needed, a computer and Internet access while using the program

Waterford UPSTART is an online program, so you’ll need a computer and Internet to access the software, which you may qualify for if you don’t already have them in your home. We do what we can to ensure every child has access to Waterford UPSTART, regardless of your personal situation.

We’ll make sure you and your child are ready and set to go.

Your Child Will Learn Skills Including:


Spell Their Name
Recognize Letters
Nursery Rhymes
Letter Sounds (hearing)
Print Concepts

Basic Math
Recognizing 1–20
Recognizing and Making Groups

Basic Science
Five Senses
Sun, Moon, Constellations
Water and Clouds

What Do Waterford UPSTART
Parents Say?

“I am so surprised Waterford UPSTART has her already reading words and how great her vocabulary has grown, even before kindergarten. This has been the greatest thing for her.”
“Waterford UPSTART helped both me and my child. I was floundering with everything I thought I needed to teach her ‘right now.’ I was very stressed. Waterford UPSTART pointed me in the right direction and allowed me to expand on the lessons she had each day.”
“My son’s vocabulary just exploded with the Waterford UPSTART program. He is such a great reader now and loves reading EVERYTHING!”
“After Waterford UPSTART, when he looks at pictures or at a book, he’s formulating sentences, pulling coherent thoughts together to tell you what’s going on in the picture. He’s ready for big school. He’s ready to go.”
“Waterford UPSTART is a great way to be consistently preparing your child for kindergarten, in a fun and educational way.”

This at-home program has helped almost 70,000 children over the past 10 years.

Studies show that children who complete Waterford UPSTART make significant academic gains before entering school, and they retain those gains through third grade, at least—keeping your child at the head of the class long after graduation!