Amazing Early Learning Opportunity!

Waterford Upstart is a high-quality, at-home PreK learning program that helps children build early reading, math, and science skills.

Thanks to Colorado’s commitment to serve all children, Waterford Upstart includes everything you need to prepare your child to start kindergarten with confidence—all at no cost to you.

A lifetime of learning success starts here!​

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What Do You Get?

  • 10 hours of fun and engaging learning activities each week
  • Award-winning software that adjusts to your child’s learning level and pace
  • Immersive family support with online and offline learning resources

Why Should You Sign Up?

Waterford Upstart works

Our convenient approach layers hands-on learning with adaptive software. On average, graduates enter kindergarten reading at almost a first-grade level!

Your child will learn

We provide daily virtual lessons with a qualified teacher, family-focused guidance, and tools for  STEM play and learning together.

The program is convenient and flexible

Waterford Upstart adjusts to your child’s learning level, and its anytime, anywhere format fits your family’s schedule.

Kids and families love Waterford Upstart

Hear families and community leaders share how Waterford Upstart made all the difference.

A lifetime of learning success starts here—enroll your child today:

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