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FREE PreK learning at home

Waterford Upstart is a proven, at-home learning program. Prepare your child to start kindergarten with confidence.

Families receive everything they need, including access to fun and interactive software, expert coaching and support, and even a computer and internet in participating regions. All at no cost.

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Kids and families love Waterford Upstart

Hear families and community leaders share how Waterford Upstart made all the difference.

15 minutes a day + 5 days a week = proven results (and tons of fun)

With Waterford Upstart, your child builds reading skills every day. The interactive and personalized activities use songs, stories, and adorable characters to make learning fun and memorable.

Check out a few sample activities inside our ABC kit

More than 150,000 children have used Waterford Upstart across the country

Families spend 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week on early literacy skills with their children

Upstart grads achieve 2–3x the learning gains compared to their peers