Resource Roundup: Digital Citizenship Lessons & Tips

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In today’s technology driven world, students are faced with issues our parents and grandparents never had to think about. Challenges like: social media, cybercrime, cyberbulling, and more.

Because of these challenges, it is important that teachers, school leaders, and parents focus on teaching children how to be upstanding citizens in a digital age.

“As many educators know, most students want to do the right thing—and will, if they know what that is,” Mike Ribble, author of Digital Citizenship in Schools, said in an interview with ISTE. “Let’s help them do great things with technology while avoiding the pitfalls.”

Check out the resources below to educate yourself, and your students, on digital citizenship.

Digital Citizenship Resources

Last month, ISTE posted “3 lessons that drive home digital citizenship” to their blog. A couple of the activities highlighted in this article, are great for K-5 students. While you’re on ISTE’s site, be sure to also check out The 2016 ISTE Standards For Students, a helpful guide on thoughtfully integrating ed tech.

The Lester B Pearson School Board has a wonderful site dedicated to Digital Citizenship. On their resource page, you’ll find digital awareness articles surrounding: information literacy, communication, safety & health, and awareness.

We love how the Keyboarding Without Tears K-5 program teaches digital citizenship along side pre-keyboarding, keyboarding, and general computer readiness skills. Sign up for their monthly newsletter to receive digital citizenship content.

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