6 Popular Teacher Podcasts to Check Out


Every teacher needs time out to unwind and feel inspired during a busy school year. These educational podcasts are a great way to quickly access motivational discussions, highlights and interviews—all for the love of teaching. Plus, they can be a perfect companion for your commute to-and-from school or to listen to while grading.

The Bedley Brothers

With 45 years of combined teaching experience and both teachers of the year, Scott and Tim Bedley share engaging and practical information that can inspire teachers everywhere. In each episode, they interview educational professionals on a variety of topics related to teaching strategies.

Education Talk Radio

Education Talk Radio is a great option for teachers and administrators to learn more about educational resources and hear discussions on current education initiatives with interviews from a variety of professionals. Topics include K-12 and university teaching discussions.

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Moving at the Speed of Creativity is a blog created by Wesley Fryer that includes podcasts on professional development for teachers. These podcasts focus on all things digital and the creative uses of multimedia, including topics like digital literacy, digital storytelling and blended learning.

BAM Radio

BAM Radio is an education network that is developed by early childhood professionals. It offers teaching resources for educators and parents with discussions on early childhood education, including child development, motor development and play research. Educators can tune in to short educational highlights and discussions from thought leaders on #Edtalk or Every Classroom Matters.

Truth for Teachers

Every week, Angela Watson posts a new podcast to help enlighten and encourage educators. She shares a variety of topics including work-life balance for teachers, implementing different teaching methods and helping students get the most out of their experience in the classroom. She has a fresh take that can be an inspiration for educators throughout the entire school year.

Talks With Teachers

This collection of podcasts shares interviews with educators who share their stories of triumph and failures in the classroom. Educators have their fair share of ups and downs and Talks with Teachers offers interviews with a wide variety of educators who offer their perspective and tips for teaching.

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