33 Outdoor Crafts and Activities to Do This Spring and Summer


As the weather gets warmer, it’s harder and harder to keep kids indoors. A little fresh air can do children a lot of good, especially while social distancing makes opportunities to leave home less plentiful.

We’ve compiled a list of 33 outdoor crafts and activities for families, including some that kids can do with minimal adult supervision. Whether you’re in the mood for a DIY toy boat race or some glow-in-the-dark bowling, there’s something here for every family to enjoy.

1. For this ice block treasure hunt, freeze some small toys in a block of ice and give it to your child for an activity that’s sure to capture their attention.

2. Make your own sundial for an astronomy lesson that’s fascinating and understandable even for younger learners.

3. Mix up this soapy solution to blow your own bubbles, then teach your kids the mini-lesson about molecules included with this activity.

4. Make these pretty and easy-to-construct windchimes to hear lovely sounds every time the wind blows.

5. If you have some old pool noodles around the house, repurpose them into an outdoor game of ring toss.

6. With a few leaves, scissors, glue, and paperclips, you can make a game of dress-up even better with a leaf fairy crown.

7. Play rainbow tag, a colorful twist on the classic game.

8. Send your child outside to collect rocks, then paint your own rock garden caterpillars together.

9. This bean bag ladder toss is super easy to put together and great for keeping kids entertained for a long time.

10. Put together spring-themed suncatchers and hang them up for a truly radiant outdoor decoration.

11. Make crayon rubbings of some noteworthy leaves or flowers you find outside—or anything flat with a unique texture.

12. Chalk is so yesterday! Whip up this DIY sidewalk paint for a colorful and fizzy way to decorate your driveway.

13. On a windy day, make a kite and head outside to fly it as high and as long as you can.

14. Build a DIY water bottle boat for each family member, then take the boats to a stream to race them.

15. Try hapazome, a Japanese craft that uses leaves and fabric to create nature-themed art! This craft requires a hammer and is best done under adult supervision.

16. For messy but totally unique artwork, try catapult painting.

17. The setup for glow-in-the-dark bowling is fairly simple, but it makes for an unforgettable evening activity.

18. To practice spelling in a way that’s sure to engage your child, make and play giant bananagrams.

19. If you’ve got at least three people at home, play the classic children’s game kick the can.

20. Nature is already beautiful all on its own, but this weaving craft is truly breathtaking.

21. Got some pool flippers lying around? Play this silly relay game: flipper fill-up.

22. Larger families can play Spud, another well-loved children’s game that requires only a ball and at least five people.

23. Pick some flowers and leaves outside, then bring your findings indoors to build your own pressed flower lanterns.

24. Put together this solar cooker for a fascinating and potentially delicious science experiment.

25. If you have spray paint and some space on your lawn, play lawn twister.

26. This flower craft is perfect if you’re looking for a way to recycle old bottle caps.

27. With household items like glue and cornstarch, you can make and test out homemade bouncy balls.

28. Construct these tin can bongo drums, then challenge your kids to compose and perform their own song.

29. If you have an adult at home who’s comfortable crafting with wood, this yard Yahtzee is both budget-friendly and easy to make.

30. As it gets warmer, play a game of water balloon dodgeball to keep cool.

31. This spaghetti scavenger hunt can make for a silly and unique game to play as a family.

32. To inspire your little Picassos at home, gather leaves for some DIY paint brushes.

33. With paint and rocks of various sizes, you can make a funny face rock puzzle to keep kids entertained outdoors.


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