50 Easy Spring Break Crafts and Activities for National Craft Month


March is National Craft Month! What better way to spend spring break than doing plenty of DIY crafts and activities as a family? Doing a few crafts and other projects can help bring your family together and create new memories.

We’ve rounded up some fun spring crafts and activity ideas your family can do together over the break. Many of these can be done in thirty minutes or less, and all are doable from the comfort of your home or neighborhood.

25 Quick and Simple Spring Crafts for Kids

1. Reuse old cereal boxes with this loom weaving craft.

2. Create a few walking ants for a craft your kids will look forward to playing with afterward.

3. For mini-paleontologists, try crafting these paper plate dinosaurs.

4. Mix up your own two-ingredient finger paint and spend the afternoon making art.

5. Play a game of tic-tac-toe with these DIY pieces.

6. This straw skeleton is great as an at-home biology craft.

7. Make a pop-up rainbow card and send it to a friend or family member.

8. Create a colorful sun catcher and hang it up in your window so it can catch the light.

9. If you have extra beads lying around, make your own kaleidoscope.

10. For a craft that’s plenty of fun to play with, try putting together a paper spinner.

11. For a “bibbity-bobbity beautiful” craft, create a DIY magic wand with your little magicians.

12. Make spray bottle art for a craft you’ll want to hang up on the fridge afterward.

13. Decorate a plain mug with permanent markers and see what kind of fun designs you can come up with.

14. Practice learning about shapes with young children with this paper monster craft.

15. Giddy up and try this wild west cowboy boot craft.

16. Gather a few leaves and flowers outside, then make clay impressions.

17. Let your child’s creativity run wild with this bead snail craft.

18. This wind chimes craft can make for colorful outside decor after you’ve finished it.

19. Make a sensory ball for a craft that’s relaxing to play with and makes for an insightful STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activity.

20. Build your own popsicle stick puzzles and see who can put theirs together the fastest.

21. Create a few pipe cleaner puppets, then put on your own family puppet show.

22. See how long you can make your own paper chain snake.

23. Make a DIY lava lamp for a craft that’s as fun to look at as it is to create.

24. If you have extra coffee filters around the house, craft them into colorful butterflies.

25. Make a little toy dog using leftover paper rolls.

25 Family Activities for a Fun Spring Break

1. Go on a nature walk scavenger hunt and see how many items on the list you can find.

2. Make a cork boat or two and race them in a local stream.

3. Throw a family dance party with your child’s favorite songs.

4. Build a blanket fort in your living room and read a few picture books inside.

5. Print out a few spring coloring pages for an easy and relaxing family activity.

6. Make your own indoor garden to help your little ones develop a green thumb.

7. Fold up a few of these paper airplane designs and see which one can fly the farthest.

8. Help your child start a journal for an activity they’ll appreciate revisiting when they’re older.

9. Try one of these card games you can play using an everyday deck.

10. Take a trip to the library (virtually or in person) and see how many items you can check off on this spring break reading challenge.

11. Make and exchange a few friendship bracelets for every member of your family.

12. Hold a family photoshoot for an activity you’ll cherish long after it’s done.

13. Make a gratitude jar to recognize the things you’re thankful for as a family.

14. Put on some dress-up clothes or create fun looks with old blankets or towels and hold a family fashion show.

15. Build a kid-friendly DIY telescope and discover all sorts of wonders outdoors.

16. Try one of these alphabet games for an educational spring break activity.

17. Volunteer at home to help others out over spring break while social distancing.

18. Pick a few random acts of kindness to do as a family to show loved ones that you care.

19. Teach your kids one of these life skills, like knitting or helping out around the house.

20. Listen to these spring sounds for a relaxing mindfulness activity.

21. For a heart-healthy activity, try out these family fitness games.

22. Choose one of these family staycation ideas, like a backyard campout or outdoor “Olympic Games.”

23. Make a family scrapbook with your favorite memories included.

24. For an educational spring break activity, try one of these STEM experiments, like making your own sundial or pinhole camera.

25. If you have any young animal lovers at home, watch a live animal cam from places like the zoo, aquarium, or pet shelter.


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