30 Fourth of July Crafts and Activities for Kids


The Fourth of July (also known as Independence Day) celebrates the day that the United States became an independent country. Although this holiday is best loved for fireworks, food, friends, and family, you can also use the Fourth of July to celebrate and teach your children about the USA.

Here are 30 DIY Fourth of July crafts and activities to get children excited about the holiday and teach them something new. Happy learning!

1. Let freedom ring! Make your own American flag wands as a colorful and festive alternative to sparklers for younger children.

2. If it’s nice outside, make outdoor red, white, and blue splatter paint art.

3. Add some patriotic color to traditional white daisies with this science experiment. Your children will also learn about plants and how they absorb water by watching the flower’s color change over time.

4. Use these Independence Day conversation starters to talk about the holiday’s history and your family’s favorite traditions.

5. For a simple activity, print out and color a US flag coloring page.

6. Make a patriotic suncatcher for a bright decoration to hang up in your window.

7. What happens when you combine oil, water, and food coloring in a Mason jar? Find out in this colorful experiment that walks your child through creating fireworks in a jar.

8. If you have any spare cupcake liners, use them to create firework-themed art that you’ll want to hang on the fridge.

9. With water bottles, glitter, and some ribbons, you can make your own Fourth of July sparkle bottles.

10. This set of trivia questions quizzes kids on their knowledge of the Fourth of July, including the person who sewed the first US flag and the first president.

11. This DIY Fourth of July activity gives children the opportunity to create their own popsicle stick flag, complete with 13 stripes and 50 stars.

12. For a challenge that allows kids to practice vocabulary, try solving an Independence Day-themed word search.

13. This US flag craft made out of buttons is so cute, you may want to use it as a decoration all summer.

14. For an activity your whole family can get involved in, play a few rounds of Fourth of July bingo.

15. Your children will love showing off their paper plate hats at your Fourth of July celebrations. This easy activity will have your child decked out like the Statue of Liberty in no time!

16. This handprint craft can make for a fun activity and a memorable keepsake all in one.

17. Make a few patriotic streamer paper airplanes and see who can make theirs fly the farthest.

18. Cool off with these easy-to-make red, white, and blue drinks. Not only are they delicious, but children will love lending a hand in the process. Yum!

19. For an especially silly Independence Day game, print out and fill in these themed Mad Libs.

20. These straw rockets are a great way to enjoy the Fourth of July and learn something new at the same time.

21. Looking for a way to light up the sky that doesn’t involve fireworks? Make these paper lanterns.

22. Teach your child about the colors that make up the US flag with this paper stars craft.

23. For a wearable activity, make a few Fourth of July necklaces as a family.

24. Fireworks are a favorite on Independence Day. Since real fireworks aren’t safe for little ones to handle, your children can make their own pretend rockets using household items like antacids.

25. Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood to see how many Fourth of July-themed decorations you can spot.

26. I spy with my little eye… a fun printable Fourth of July-themed spotting game that’s perfect for the whole family!

27. Mix up and make patriotic party slime using items you may already have around your house.

28. This simple craft walks children through the steps of making their own paper windsock to proudly display around the house.

29. Color in this Fourth of July-themed coloring page featuring your friends Rusty and Rosy from Waterford Upstart (available in Spanish here).

30. To end Fourth of July celebrations with a bang, make and launch a few confetti poppers.


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