Fourth of July Activities for Children

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For children, July 4th means that school is out and summer is well underway. It’s also a holiday celebrating the beginning of the United States as an independent country. The day is known for fireworks, food, friends, and family, but you can also use the holiday to teach your children about the importance of Independence Day.

Below are 10 activities that you and your children can use to get excited about the Fourth of July while also learning some of the history behind this special day. Happy learning!


Fourth of July Activities for Children

Homemade Italian Cream Sodas: Cool off with these red, white, and blue layered drinks. Not only are they delicious, but children will love lending a hand in the process. Yum!

Exploding Pop Rockets: Fireworks are a favorite during the Fourth of July. Since real explosives aren’t safe for kids, your children can make their own rocket using household items such as antacids.

Fireworks in a Jar: What happens when you combine oil, water, and food coloring in a Mason jar? Find out in this colorful experiment that walks your child through creating fireworks in a jar.

July 4th Word Search: Using words of your choice or a pre-made list, you can create an Independence Day themed word search for your child.

American Revolution Quiz: This quiz, designed for 3rd graders, quizzes them on their knowledge of the Revolutionary War, including the causes of the conflict and the results of the war.

Paper Plate Crown: Your children will love showing off their paper plate crowns at your Fourth of July celebrations. This easy activity will have your child decked out like the Statue of Liberty in no time!

Red, White, and Blue Daisies: Add some patriotic color to traditional white daisies with this science experiment. Your children will also learn about plants and how they absorb water by watching flower color change over time.

Patriotic Bark: Looking for a fun snack to make with your children this Independence Day? This chocolate bark recipe combines red, white, and blue chocolate for a delicious treat!

Popsicle Stick Flag: This activity gives children the opportunity to create their own popsicle stick flag, complete with 13 stripes and 50 stars.

Homemade Windsock: This simple craft walks children through the steps of making their own paper windsock to proudly display around the house.

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