Tech Notes

Release Date: 01.16.2017

Tech Notes: 01.16.2017

New WebGL Activities-New School Administrator Role

Waterford will release an automatic software update on January 17, 2017. See what’s in this release in the list below. If you have any questions, our Support Team is always happy to help!

Updates to Note

          • New WebGL activities. WebGL allows schools that meet the system requirements to play hundreds of new activities Waterford developed for iPad on the web browser. These activities can replace existing activities in the current sequence, and are improved graphically and instructionally.
            • To play the new activities a computer must have a 64-bit processor. See updated system requirements here.
            • To ensure a consistent experience for students and accurate data for reports, all computers being used for Waterford within a school must meet the system requirements before WebGL activities are made available.
            • If your school’s computers meet the system requirements, please ask your Waterford sales or services representative about turning WebGL on for your school.
            • If your school doesn’t meet the system requirements, don’t worry! You will automatically continue with the original activities.
          • New school administrator role. We’ve added a new role for staff to the Waterford Manager: a school administrator. The school administrator functions much like a district administrator role, but is limited to just the school he or she is assigned.
            • The school administrator can add staff, students, classes, assign licenses, and perform the same administrative operations as a district administrator—just for one school, rather than a whole district.
            • District administrators can add a school administrator on the “Staff” tab in the Manager under the “Role” dropdown.
            • The import staff template in the Manager has been updated to show this role as an option.
          • Sequence update. Based on school feedback, we removed the Mental Math activities from the lower difficulty levels of Waterford Early Learning’s Level 1 math sequence. Mental Math activities are still available for custom playlists and from difficulty level 794 of  Level 1 and onward.

Other Improvements

      • Bug Fixes
        This release also contains several bug fixes that will improve functionality for activities and reports. Contact support if you have questions or need assistance.
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