Science of Reading Webinar Series

Science of Reading Webinar Series

Welcome to the Science of Reading On-Demand Summit!

You can access all past session recordings below. Check back frequently as we continue to add to the on-demand library.


An Overview of the Science of Reading: From Research to Instruction

What does neuroscience tell us about how the brain learns to read? What does educational research tell us about effective reading instruction? Learn how you can put your students on the path to reading success with the science of reading.


Phonological Awareness: The Structure of Spoken Language

What is phonological awareness and why is it an essential part of learning to read? Learn how to help your students build these foundational skills.


Phonics: Breaking the Reading Code

With phonics, students connect sounds and letters to break the reading code. This session outlines research-based approaches for phonics instruction.

An Overview of the Science of Reading
and How to Implement it in the Classroom

Learn how neuroscience informs our understanding of how children learn to read, and how you can use these findings to teach literacy skills.


Facts Sheet

Check out Waterford’s Science of Reading factsheet to explore what neuroscience tells us about how the brain learns to read.

children using educational software

Program Tour

Take a tour of Waterford Reading Academy and explore how the program incorporates the latest research, foundational principles, and best practices from the science of reading.

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Professional Learning

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about Waterford’s Science of Reading professional learning.