Science of Reading Webinar Series

Science of Reading Webinar Series

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Master the science of reading with the latest research and resources.


An Overview of the Science of Reading: From Research to Instruction

What does neuroscience tell us about how the brain learns to read? What does educational research tell us about effective reading instruction? Learn how you can put your students on the path to reading success with the science of reading.


Phonological Awareness: The Structure of Spoken Language

What is phonological awareness and why is it an essential part of learning to read? Learn how to help your students build these foundational skills.


Phonics: Breaking the Reading Code

With phonics, students connect sounds and letters to break the reading code. This session outlines research-based approaches for phonics instruction.


Fluency: The Bridge from Word Identification to Reading Comprehension

Fluent readers read smoothly, automatically, and with good expression. Learn how to help your students develop fluency and how fluent reading contributes to reading comprehension.


Comprehension & Vocabulary: Reading as a Lifelong Tool for Learning

With strong comprehension, reading becomes a lifelong tool for learning! This session explains how you can provide the building blocks for good comprehension for your students.


Language Concepts: The Structure of Written Language

Language concepts describe the structure of written language. Learn how a strong understanding of language concepts supports your students in their journey to proficient reading.


Communication: The Four Domains of Language

The four domains of language—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—are closely interconnected. Learn how to help your students become effective communicators by building their proficiency in each of these domains.


Program Tour: Waterford Reading Academy & The Science of Reading

Waterford Reading Academy is built on the science of reading. Experience a tour of the program and explore the ways it incorporates principles of the science of reading. You’ll see digital student activities as well as rich, inclusive stories built into the adaptive learning paths. You’ll view the vast collection of educator resources and reports, and the many supports that center families in their child’s learning.


Professional Services: Teaching the Science of Reading

Meet the Waterford Professional Services team dedicated to equipping you with the strategies and support you need to teach Waterford lessons with the science of reading as your guide!

Waterford's Instructional Strands for Literacy’s Instructional Strands for Literacy are aligned with the Essential Components of Reading identified by the National Reading Panel (NICHD, 2000).

Find out more about our educational resources anchored in the science of reading. Take a program tour of Waterford Reading Academy!