Waterford Reading Academy On-Demand Webinars

Waterford Reading Academy On-Demand Webinars

Waterford Reading Academy On-Demand Webinars

Dive into Waterford Reading Academy with the latest research and resources.

Waterford Reading Academy Tools for Success

The Tools for Success webinar series is designed for educators and admins ready to maximize student learning with Waterford Reading Academy features and resources.

Waterford Data and Dashboards

Learn how to generate Waterford dashboards and reports to drive instruction and monitor growth.

Waterford Resources to Support Families

Discover how to use Waterford Mentor to support families and at-home learning.

Wrapping Up the Year with Waterford: 3 Tips for Teachers

Learn the steps you’ll need to ensure you have the right reports saved, ways to collaborate with your administrator, and other tips to keep learning happening all summer long.

Wrapping up the Year with Waterford: 7 Tips for Administrators

Learn important tasks like archiving data and effective practices for resetting Waterford to ensure your students are on the fast path to success.

Getting Started with Waterford Reading Academy

The Getting Started webinar series provides educators and admins with Waterford Reading Academy account basics to help manage and navigate user data.


Managing the Admin Functionality in Waterford Reading Academy

If you manage your district’s Waterford.org account, this webinar is for you. Learn how to set up your Waterford account, manage district settings, and assist users.


Getting Started with Waterford Reading Academy

Perfect for any educator using Waterford Reading Academy. Learn tips for creating classroom routines, reports to monitor, and incorporating data into teaching strategies.


What’s New in Waterford Reading Academy for Back to School

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a site administrator, you’ll learn about the cool new features and functionality added to make your life easier this school year.