Waterford Institute Awarded “Company of the Year” by Utah Parents Group


Parents For Choice In Education awarded Waterford its “company of the year” for our UPSTART (Utah Preparing Students Today for A Rewarding Tomorrow) program, which prepares Pre-K students to enter school.

Founded in 2000, Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) is an advocacy group in Utah established by parents who were concerned with the lack of choice involved in their kids’ education.

PCE has a yearly symposium that includes speakers and thought leaders who provide insight as well as success stories for innovations in education. These leaders and speakers are people PCE believes provide a quality education to every child by way of empowering parents to make the best choices for their children.

“UPSTART recognizes parents and caregivers as the most important factor in a child’s education and forms a partnership with them to prepare preschoolers for success in school,” said Robyn Bagley, board chair of Parents for Choice in Education. “We want to honor Waterford Institute for shifting the paradigm through an innovative, cost-effective, and outcomes-based solution.”

Here at Waterford, we’re very proud of the support our UPSTART program has received from parents, including awards like this one from PCE. UPSTART has a 99.8 percent approval rating from parents who use the in-home preschool program to give their children individualized reading, math, and science curriculum, focusing on early reading skills.

Success in education, as in life, begins at a young age and parental involvement is crucial to that success. Empowering parents to make the best decisions for their child’s individual needs is the beginning of a pathway to success that every child should have the right to.


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