Waterford Early Learning Mobile Updates: Now Available in the Google Play Store


Now Available in the Google Play Store and on Amazon

Earlier this year, beta testing for Waterford Early Learning began for Android mobile devices. Our Android users gave positive feedback, and we are happy to announce that Waterford Early Learning is now available for public download in the Google Play Store and on Amazon.

Download it from the Google Play Store for your mobile Android devices, or download it from the Amazon Play Store.

Check here to see if your mobile device is compatible.

Waterford Early Learning iOS Updates

For our Apple users, we’ve also updated the Waterford Early Learning iOS app in iTunes. Recent updates include new program activities, a new Tools menu, and new features that allow the ability to skip a particular activity and rescan the QR code if you need to reassign the device.

Download the newest iOS version.

New Login Option

Both the Android and iOS mobile apps have a newly added login feature that doesn’t require a QR code. Students will only need their first and last name and their student ID as it is entered in the Waterford Early Learning Manager. However, students still have the option to log in using the QR code as they always have.


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