The EISP solution for your school community

Utah educators rate as ‘Critically Important.

Waterford Reading Academy is the preferred EISP for schools across Utah.

Reach new heights in reading with adaptive learning paths for students, support for teachers, and resources for families.

Rating from 2021 Utah School Technology Inventory Report
Source: 2021 Utah School Technology Inventory Report

The Proven EISP Solution For Your Entire School Community

Utah educators rate as ‘Critically Important’ to early learners.

Reach new heights in reading with adaptive learning paths for students, support for teachers, and resources for families.

A Familiar Favorite and a New Friend

Thousands of Utah children have prepared for school with Waterford Upstart, learning valuable reading skills. Waterford Reading Academy is a familiar continuation for those students, and a new and enriching experience for your other students. Plus, families and educators get the support and information they need to guide their students’ learning journey.

Utah kindergarteners using Waterford showed a .49 effect size when using with 80% fidelity while those using with 100% fidelity demonstrated a .58 effect size.

Powered by the Science of Reading

Waterford Reading Academy guides learners through an adaptive learning path with personalized, explicit, systematic instruction. Learners leap forward once they become proficient in a skill, and they receive supportive feedback and reteaching when necessary.

Utah EISP and Waterford

Waterford Reading Academy Program Tour

Learning to read takes a mix of explicit instruction, learning supports, and family engagement. Discover insights and strategies for teaching reading based on the latest in neuroscience.

  • Reading, math, and science instruction is built on the science of reading and learning
  • Develop skill mastery with adaptive learning paths
  • Catchy songs, animated characters, and interactive activities make learning fun
  • Rich, inclusive texts are incorporated into the learning path
  • Infused with mindset skills to foster positive habits and behavior
  • Positively represent all learners through inclusive books and activities
  • Extra supports for native Spanish speakers and their families
  • Received the WIDA PRIME seal of standards alignment
  • Appropriate for learners in special education programs; endorsed by CASE and IBCCES as a Certified Autism Resource
  • Personalized resources and progress updates automatically delivered to families, along with over 1,300 offline resources, all available in English or Spanish
  • Over 500 companion resources and 1,200 digital playlists for whole- and small-group instruction
  • Reports and dashboards support data-informed instruction
  • Flexible implementation that transitions seamlessly from school to home
  • Supported by ESSA Efficacy Evidence
  • Aligned to Utah Core Standards for English Language Arts
  • Aligned to Utah Core Standards for Mathematics

“Because it is adaptive, Waterford personalizes instruction for each child. That’s exactly what differentiation is; it’s looking at students’ needs and targeting the curriculum to meet those needs.”

Lori Estep, Director of Elementary Schools

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