50 Field Day Activities, Games, and Ideas


Who doesn’t look forward to field day at the end of the year? Field day means time to unwind and have fun as a class, and it can be a defining memory for many children long after they move on from your classroom.

We’ve split this list of 50 fun field day activities and games in two. Half are appropriate for in-person and hybrid classrooms depending on local guidelines, and half are great for distance learning classrooms.

25 Field Day Games for Elementary School Students

Having a field day soon? Depending on your local guidelines, these 25 field day activities can work well for in-person or hybrid classrooms.

1. For an activity where you can upcycle tin cans, try this outdoor twist on bowling.

2. Split your students into teams and hold a pizza box relay race.

3. Set up a bubble station (#3 on this list) and see how big your students can make their bubbles.

4. Try parachute volleyball for a new way to play a classic P.E. game.

5. Check out this craft for a colorful and easy-to-make ring toss game.

6. Create a balance beam with masking tape students to play on.

7. Use these free field day event cards with a variety of ideas to choose from.

8. These low-prep obstacle course ideas are all easy to set up and plenty of fun.

9. If you teach in an early elementary classroom, this pretend roller coaster can be a fun field day activity for kids.

10. Hold a wheelbarrow race, a classic that involves lots of teamwork.

11. Make a life-sized board game and set it up in your classroom for an indoor field day option.

12. Play Cross the River, a game that encourages teamwork and problem-solving.

13. If your school has some hula hoops, try one of these hula hoop games.

14. Try Parachute Popcorn, a game that’s easy to teach and exciting to play.

15. Hold a potato sack race with these instructions that can be used for in-person or virtual field days.

16. Play Mummy Wrap by splitting your class into teams and seeing who can finish the challenge first.

17. Try What time is it, Mr. Fox?, a game that can let younger students practice the math skills they’ve learned this year.

18. How low can you go? Find out by playing limbo!

19. Try one of these water games for field day, like sponge toss or water balloon dodgeball.

20. Try Hungry, Hungry Hippos, a field day twist on the popular board game.

21. Gather up a few inflatable pool rings and play Human Ring Toss.

22. If you have an even number of students, try holding a three-legged race.

23. Play Rabbit Hole, a game that requires a lot of teamwork and coordination.

24. Make a pretend mini golf course using old pool noodles.

25. To mix things up a little, try one of these variations on the game tag.

25 Virtual Field Day Activities and Games

These 25 field day activities can all be done from the comfort of your students’ homes, making them ideal if you are teaching in a distance learning classroom this year.

Note: We have added an asterisk by some activities that are easiest for families to prep on their own. These would be appropriate to share in a list of options for them to conduct their own field day.

1. Try a toilet paper ring toss for an activity that can either be a virtual or indoor field day activity.

2. For a brain teaser turned into a running game, play this Rubik’s cube challenge and see who will be the field day champion.

3. Share this Mission: Save Earth exercise with your students and complete it together.

4. Play Stack It Up and see who can stack pennies (or a similarly shaped item) the highest.

5. Roll On is a timed game that can help your class feel connected at a distance as they compete to see who can finish the challenge.

6. The Towel Flip is equal parts brainteaser and just plain fun, and it can be played outdoors or indoors.

7. If you’re looking for a game that will keep your students engaged for a long time, try this paper ball challenge.*

8. Try balloon toss, a game that challenges students to see how long they can keep a balloon in the air.*

9. Do a little yoga together to unwind after a long school year. For younger students, try this option from Cosmic Kids Yoga.*

10. Your students need only a six-sided die and paper plates to play this field day game.

11. Play penguin relay for a virtual activity that still requires plenty of teamwork.

12. If you’re looking for a general how-to on setting up a virtual field day with tons of activity ideas included, this video can help.

13. This fun virtual game pairs exercise with trivia questions and is inspired by the popular game show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?*

14. Flip and Catch can be a great way to practice hand-eye coordination.*

15. You may not be able to go bowling as a class, but this virtual twist is still plenty of fun.

16. Try Water Bottle Trap, a game that is easy to teach and set up.

17. Try one of these distance-learning friendly Minute to Win It games.

18. Airplane Toss can be tons of fun as your students fold and throw their own paper airplanes.

19. All this hopscotch challenge requires is masking tape and a space to set the game up at home.*

20. This virtual P.E. game can get students exercising as you call out different moves for them to do.

21. If your students have a sibling or caregiver they can play with at home, table hockey can be a fun choice.*

22. See who can make the largest pyramid with this cup stacking contest.

23. Shoe Balance is an activity that needs very little setup, but it’s still a unique challenge.

24. If you have students who love video games in your classroom, they might appreciate this Among Us-themed virtual exercise.

25. Backboard Bank It is an indoor twist on basketball. Your students will love seeing how many points they can score in one minute.


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