A mother and daughter. Using a two generation approach means educators can work to address the needs of a child's family at home, leading to success in school.

Gentle Parenting for Home and School

What Is Gentle Parenting? Gentle parenting is a popular parenting style centered around positive discipline. This parenting style is a way to teach your child important skills while avoiding negative consequences or corporal punishment. The Four Main Elements of Gentle Parenting Are: Understanding your child Showing them empathy Establishing mutual

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A group of children play on playground equipment.

Where to Find Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Struggling to find activities to keep your child active and engaged this summer? A break from school can be fun for kids but also difficult for parents, both in terms of time and cost. Finding activities for kids that are simple and inexpensive is a great way to make memories

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kindergarten children playing with toys

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten can feel overwhelming to both children and their families. You can help your child through the transition by focusing on early learning skills and helping them know what to expect before the first day of class. Here are some tips to help your child get ready for many

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How to Register Your Child for School

Kids go back to school in the fall, but you may not know that you must secure your child’s spot earlier in the year. We at know that getting your child registered for preschool or kindergarten can be stressful and confusing. If you are unsure, remember that all children

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Can You Complete These 48 Summer Reading Challenges?

With all the exciting activities available during the summer, getting kids to read can be a struggle. But if you can find new ways to boost their motivation, your children will have fun reading while school’s out—and keep their literacy skills sharp. Learn more below about why it matters to

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Activities That Support Brain Development

Both academic and play-based learning activities play a huge role in your child’s brain development between the ages of zero to five. Offering your child a combination of the two can help support their brain as it grows. What Is Academic Learning? Academic learning is defined here as structured learning

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How the Brain Changes from Zero to 5

The first five years of a child’s life are full of important milestones as their brain develops. Did you know that a child’s brain makes one million neural connections every single second? While a lot of brain growth happens naturally as children explore and play, you can also help shape

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9 Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Families

Earth Day offers tons of opportunities to experience nature with your family—whether you’re exploring the outdoors, creating recycled crafts, or even starting a garden. Everyone can do their part to take care of and celebrate our planet. Plus, Earth Day is an important holiday to celebrate with your kids because

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How to Use Habit Stacking to Start a Home Routine

What is habit stacking? Habit stacking is a productivity technique that helps you to create new habits by linking them to existing habits.[1] These existing habits can be little things you might not already think about, like having breakfast or doing a chore. Your existing habit then acts as a

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Teacher reading a book with a class of preschool children

Activities to Celebrate Women’s History Month

18 Books and Activities to Celebrate Women’s History Month for Kids Astronauts like Mae Jemison, artists like Frida Kahlo, and leaders like Sonia Sotomayor changed history with their contributions. Activists like Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai stood up for justice and equal access to education for all. The world is

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