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How to Teach Language Concepts Skills

Discover the essentials of instruction for language concepts, a set of skills that support the development of reading comprehension. Then, learn strategies to help educators in your school teach language concepts skills—along with five free books available in English and Spanish! The Elements of Language Concepts Instruction of language concepts

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension in Early Ed

Read on to examine the key building blocks for reading comprehension. Then, learn several practical and research-based strategies to help students in your school build reading comprehension skills—with two free books and accompanying resources available in English and Spanish! What is Reading Comprehension? Reading comprehension refers to the ability to

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What Is Teacher Self-Care, and How Do You Practice It?

Teaching is a fulfilling career, but it can also be emotionally tiring and time-consuming, leaving educators feeling burnt out. In order to continue on, teachers need the chance to rest and recenter themselves, by taking time for self-care. When the phrase “self-care” comes to mind, however, some teachers may worry

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Build Reading Fluency with Research-Based Strategies

Let’s explore reading fluency, an important support for reading comprehension. In this article you’ll discover strategies for fostering reading fluency in the classroom, along with five free activities teachers can use with their students! What are Reading Fluency and Orthographic Mapping? Reading fluency is the ability to read at an

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The Science of Reading: How to Understand and Apply the Basics

Teaching students to read is so much more than sitting them down in front of a book. It takes an intentional mix of explicit classroom lessons, individualized support, and family engagement to help children develop strong reading skills. But, how do we know what strategies will work best? Have you

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How to Build Phonological Awareness Skills in Your School

Learn about phonological awareness, the ability to hear and manipulate units of sound within words. Then, discover strategies to share with teachers as they help students in your schools develop phonological awareness skills—with ten free rhyming books for read-aloud experiences at school and at home! What Is Phonological Awareness and

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