From Kindergarten Readiness to 2nd Grade Testing is the best choice for California

From Kindergarten Readiness to 2nd Grade Testing is the best choice for California

Partner with a proven nonprofit and see results

Investments in early learning pay off. Research shows early childhood interventions are critical to young learners’ future success and more effective than those that come later in life. No state has shown more commitment to these truths than California.
Partner with Waterford and, together, let’s ensure a great start for every child.

Waterford anytime, anywhere learning

Early learning programs to reach every student, every family, every community.

Waterford Reading Academy (K–2)

Get your early learners reading successfully
by 2nd grade with comprehensive,
personalized learning software

SmartStart (TK and PreK)

Build kindergarten readiness with research-based,
developmentally-appropriate curriculum

California programs seeing results with Waterford

Laguna Beach Unified School District uses Waterford Early Learning in its early grades. It was recently named one of three “leading digital districts” in California by the California State Superintendent.

“Our focus has shifted to researched-based programs at all levels. Since making this shift 8 years ago, our need for intervention programs at the higher grades has diminished to almost nothing. Waterford has played a significant role in the early years.”

– Irene White
Director of Special Ed and Student Services, Laguna Beach Unified School District

Project Hope Alliance in Orange County, California is using Waterford Early Learning to help homeless children succeed academically.

“We’re giving them curriculum to have regardless of where they have to go live, whether it’s on an aunt’s couch or in another county,”

– Jennifer Friend
CEO of Project Hope

Experience it for yourself

Here’s what other California schools say they love about using Waterford

Home and mobile access

Cloud-based software can be used at home and on iPads


Built on decades of research and proven best practices

A proven winner

Many California districts have already chosen Waterford curriculum for their students

Foundational skills

Covers fundamental concepts to ensure students are reading successfully by 3rd grade

Professional development

Ensures teachers have the tools to integrate Waterford into the classroom effectively, from day one

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