Excellence and Equity in Early Education

Every child deserves equitable access to high-quality early learning experiences that will put them on a successful path in school and life. Explore Waterford’s personalized blend of reading, math, and science programs for PreK-2 learners. 

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Free Science of Reading Virtual Summit

Join Waterford.org literacy experts and your fellow peers for an in-depth exploration of the neuroscience behind how children learn to read. We’ll demystify best practices around teaching phonological awareness, phonics, the four domains of language, and more. You’ll get immediate ideas to implement in your classroom and share with the educators you support.

Waterford.org combines the science of learning, the power of mentoring, and the promise of technology to help prepare every child for lifelong academic achievement.

Give your child the advantage of a great start

Waterford’s programs build on the work you’re already doing with your child to teach early reading, math, and science skills at home. Waterford Upstart, our award-winning PreK learning program, meets your child where they are, and you get support and insight every step of the way. Plus, Waterford Upstart is always no cost for families.

This flexible early learning program provides you with free tools, coaching, and resources so you can put your child on a path to academic success, at home and on your own time.

An adaptive PreK-2 program rooted in the science of reading

Build classroom literacy with a PreK-2 program that’s backed by research and that adapts instruction to individual student and whole-class skill levels. Waterford’s offerings include wraparound support for families, educators, and learners.

Community voices matter

Waterford.org actively listens to communities, then finds the right tools to help support children on their learning path.

Our teams work with people who are embedded in your community and understand its unique needs—that way we can tailor our solutions to intentionally meet your needs. 

Partner with Waterford.org to share high-quality early literacy programs at no cost to families in your community.

Explore research-based classroom strategies with our webinar library.