A child who can read is unstoppable

Waterford.org partners with families, districts, educators, and communities to help every child build the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

A child who can read is unstoppable

Waterford.org partners with families, districts, educators, and communities to help every child build the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

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Waterford Upstart teaches children the skills they need to be prepared for kindergarten, and it’s available at NO COST to the families. And it works! Low-income or affluent, rural or urban, children who get their academic start with Waterford Upstart begin on the path toward success.

Did you know 2.2 million children do not have access to public-funded early education?

That’s nearly half of America’s 4-year-olds, and more than 50% of low-income preschool-age children have no early education option.


Children who start school without basic skills are:

More likely to drop out
from school

More likely to become
teen parents

Less likely to
attend college


Waterford Upstart’s award-winning, at-home program teaches children the skills they need to be ready for kindergarten. Waterford Upstart is flexible, scalable, and ¼ the cost of traditional preschool options with NO COST to participating families.

  • Improves child cognitive outcomes
  • Empowers parents as their child’s first teacher
  • Engages the whole family

Waterford Upstart Works for All Children

Children show significant and lasting literacy gains through the 3rd grade.

Waterford Upstart Children Outperform State Literacy Test Score Averages

Children who use Waterford software
outperform nearly 80% of non-users.

What does Waterford Upstart do for families?


94% of parents felt they were better prepared to support their child’s education


97% of parents said they became more aware of what their child needs to learn


99% of parents would recommend Waterford UPSTART to friends and family

99% of parents felt Waterford Upstart helped prepare their child for kindergarten.


Waterford Upstart Across the Country

These are the states that we are currently in or have worked with. Please reach out if you would like to be a part of Waterford’s Mission.

How can you change a child's life today? Help us provide access to education, so a child can succeed in school.

The average Waterford Upstart graduate enters kindergarten reading at nearly a first-grade level.

Academic gains continue through the 4th-grade, especially among under-resourced populations.

Waterford users outperform 80% of non-Waterford users.


Be a part of our mission to provide success from the start to all children. Waterford.org seeks to give scholarships to unserved and underserved children. Sponsor a child, and join our cause! Your donations provide access to Waterford UPSTART to change a child’s future.


Join the movement! Waterford.org and our partners work to deliver success to the 2.2 million four-year-olds who miss out on early education opportunities every year. Partner with us to bring Waterford UPSTART and other projects into your community today!


Waterford Upstart and Waterford.org help all children walk into their first classroom ready to learn. Take a moment and register your child (newborn to preschool-aged!) to see if they’re eligible for the life-changing, no-cost Waterford UPSTART.

What happens when I donate?

Waterford.org uses your donations to provide children with scholarships to access Waterford UPSTART. Your donations help empower families through personalized coaching, adaptive academic software, and access to new computers and internet for families who otherwise could not afford them, all to ensure children arrive ready for school on day one. Help by sponsoring a child to influence a change in their life trajectory.