Terms of Participation

Last updated: October 6, 2020

Success requires commitment. Getting confident for kindergarten is a team effort among you, your child, and Waterford Upstart. We will provide you with the training and tools you need to be your child’s first teacher. Your child will give it their all using our personalized software. 

What does it take from you? At the time of registration, we will ask you to make the following participation commitments. 


The most successful parents learn how to use all the tools and resources available through Waterford Upstart.  

  • I commit to complete parent orientation steps, which will include parent lessons in Waterford Mentor. 
  • I commit, if required for participation in my area, to attend an in-person Orientation event. 


The most successful children develop a routine and meet Waterford Upstart usage expectations, five days a week. 

  • I commit to helping my child learn a routine by giving them regular times and places to use the Waterford Upstart program. 
  • I commit to making sure my child uses the reading software at least 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.


The most successful program participants communicate regularly with their Family Education Liaisons. 

  • I agree to receive emails, phone calls (including mobile), push notifications, and text messages from Waterford.org in order to facilitate participation in Waterford Upstart. 
  • I commit to responding promptly to messages when a response is requested.


Waterford.org provides computers and Internet for families in need to give all children resources to succeed. In some cases, our partners require us to collect equipment. 

  • I agree—if Waterford.org issues it to me—to use the equipment primarily for my child’s participation in Waterford Upstart. 
  • I agree—if Waterford.org issues it to me—to maintain the equipment in a study space free from food, drink, and other hazards.
  • I agree—if required by policy—to return the equipment or to pay for equipment that I do not return or that has been damaged. 

Data Maintenance

Waterford Upstart is a research program offered by Waterford.org. In order to effectively measure the results, Waterford will maintain records related to your child’s participation. 

Waterford.org will make your child’s record available to you upon request. 

Data Sharing

Waterford.org will never share your or your child’s information with third-party vendors. We may share program information, such as usage and performance data, as well as personally identifiable information (PII) with program sponsors or our education, government, and research partners. These include external evaluators to which Waterford.org is legally obligated to provide such data. 

Waterford.org will make available to you a list of partners with whom we have shared (or will share) your information, upon request.

To see a list of agencies with whom we have shared data, click here