42 Spring-Themed Crafts Your Kids Can Make from Everyday Items


Spring is here—the weather is warming up and flowers are blossoming, too! If you’ve got a little spring fever and can’t get outdoors as much as you’d like, the next best thing is making a few spring-themed crafts to bring bits of the season inside.

These 42 springtime crafts are a great way to entertain children of all ages while boosting their creativity. And best of all, most of them can be created from household items like paper plates, yarn, and egg cartons.

1. Get out some construction paper and make these vibrant paper plate snails.

2. If you have any little scientists at home, concoct some flowery springtime slime.

3. Make some tissue paper birds in a nest, a craft that doubles as a cute decoration.

4. Make a few paper ladybugs on a leaf, then go looking for ladybugs in your backyard or on a walk.

5. Create and then play with this interactive spring scene, which is essentially a mini puppet theater.

6. Have any leftover plastic easter eggs lying around? Use them to start your garden by turning them into mini planters.

7. Go on a nature walk and collect a few leaves and flowers, then create these plant clay impressions.

8. Paint some rocks with Xs and Os, then take them outside for a game of tic-tac-toe.

9. Have any bubble wrap you’re looking to recycle? Use it to create this cute umbrella with rain scene.

10. Construct a homemade bird feeder and set it outside to make a few feathery friends.

11. This dish brush dandelion paint craft works best with older dish brushes, so if you have one lying around, this might be the perfect afternoon project.

12. For a longer science project that connects with STEM, create these DIY overnight crystals.

13. Make some outdoor googly eyes as a silly decoration for your front yard.

14. Paint these beautiful butterfly prints using nothing but a sponge and a rubber band.

15. Practice your origami skills by folding these expressive paper birds.

16. Instead of throwing away old egg cartons, make them into crafty flowers.

17. Make a budget-friendly spring wreath as a family to hang on your front door.

18. Make your own sun catcher, a beautiful front yard ornament you can hang outside.

19. Paint a few paper bowl toadstools as an adorable craft that you can then showcase in your home.

20. This rain cloud craft’s simple, easy instructions make it the perfect craft for toddlers at home.

21. For a wearable craft, create these DIY flower rings.

22. With just tissue paper and glue, you can create paper cherry blossoms.

23. Head outdoors to make some messy, yet beautiful fly swatter paintings.

24. Make your own springtime pop-up books, then take turns sharing them as a family.

25. Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re holding the whole universe in the palm of your hand? With this DIY galaxy jar, you can!

26. These pinwheel chicks make for the perfect 3D springtime decorations.

27. If the weather is windy, make a pinwheel and take it outside to watch it spin.

28. For a craft with striking colors, make a few coffee filter butterflies

29. These cute little clothespin eggs reveal a baby bird hatching inside.

3o. Teach your younger kids about the life cycle of butterflies with these paper plate caterpillars

31. Twist up a few of these pom-poms using colorful yarn and a fork.

32. No need to get out your sewing materials to make a stuffed animal! Create a no-sew sock bunny for a perfect fuzzy companion.

33. These origami nesting cats are simple to make and extra adorable. 

34. This fizzy rainbow experiment uses baking soda and vinegar in a fun, engaging way to teach young children a little bit about chemistry.

35. To teach your kids about the different seasons, make this swirly spring tree together.

36. If you have extra sidewalk chalk, make some DIY sidewalk chalk paint for some unique watercolor creations.

37. One of the best parts about spring is watching all the flowers come up. Make some craft stick flower pots for your garden or front porch to hold your plants.

38. Craft this jellyfish windsock and hang outside your house to watch on windy days.

39. This rainbow weaving fish is a great way to bring a splash of color to your day.

40. Using nothing but a pair of scissors and construction paper, you can make 21 different paper flowers.

41. Fashion these pipe cleaner dancing princesses as a family, then see what kind of creative stories you can make up about them.

42. This blossom finger painting is a great activity for younger children at home.


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