20 Podcasts for Kids That You Can Listen to With the Whole Family


Social distancing can be tough, especially for kids who may not understand what’s going on. One of the best ways to get through hard times (for kids and adults) is by listening to stories. Stories can help us forget about our troubles for a little while, and they allow for fun discussions afterwards.

Podcasts are an accessible way to listen to stories and learn about the world around us, and there are plenty of options created with young listeners in mind. Check out these 20 family-friendly podcasts—10 geared for younger children and 10 that would be more interesting for older kids.

10 Podcasts for Littlest Listeners

Animal Sound Safari: This podcast introduces kids to stories about animals all over the world and what makes them awesome.

Storynory: Every episode tells kids a poem or short story, usually around 5-10 minutes to perfectly fit younger attention spans.

Bedtime Explorers: Mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz helps kids relax and practice meditation techniques before bed.

Five Minutes With Dad: What podcast could be better for kids than one made by kids? Angela and Nick discuss an exciting new subject each episode with their dad, from springtime activities to how to be kind to others.

What If World: Host Mr. Eric explores a different “what if” question sent in by a listener each week, like, “What if a tiny dragon lived in your closet?” or “What if clouds were made of cotton candy?”

Story Pirates: With a silly new adventure every week, Story Pirates dares kids to dream big as they create wild stories together.

Circle Round: This podcast, created and produced by parents, adapts a folktale from around the world for young children each week.

Ear Snacks: Hosts Andrew and Polly introduce kids to music, science, art, and culture from around the world, one tidbit at a time.

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl: Formatted to resemble a radio station, DJ Dave Loftin compiles a playlist of children’s songs for families to listen to, from newer bands to classics like They Might Be Giants and The Aquabats.

Be Calm on Ahway Island: The narrator tells a story about Ahway Island each week designed to help kids calm down and learn emotional regulation strategies.

10 Podcasts for Older Kids

But Why: On this podcast, host Jane Lindholm takes questions from listeners—everything from tough topics to curious questions—and attempts to answer them with the help of experts.

Greeking Out: Listen to a retelling of a Greek myth every week, from classics like Jason and the Argonauts to little-known tales.

Dog Tales: This podcast tells the story of a notable dog in history every week. If you have any dog lovers in your family, this one is sure to be a favorite.

Pants on Fire: This game show podcast is a great one to listen to with the whole family. Can your kids tell the difference between fact and fiction?

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel: This Peabody award-winning mystery podcast is performed for kids and by kids, and listeners describe it as “Stranger Things meets Spy Kids.”

The Two Princes: In this fantasy adventure, two princes must set aside their differences and choose kindness over hate to save their kingdoms.

KidNuz: It’s never too early to learn more about the world around us! This podcast shares the daily news with kids in a way that’s both nonpartisan and age-appropriate.

Book Club for Kids: Each week, the host Kitty Felde and a celebrity guest discuss a new chapter book and what they loved about it.

Young Ben Franklin: Have you ever wondered what Benjamin Franklin was like before he became a founding father? This podcast introduces kids to what life was like for a 13-year-old Ben Franklin, a mischievous boy living in colonial Massachusetts. 

Tumble: Described as “Radiolab for kids,” Tumble discusses the latest scientific discoveries and asks questions in a way that’s sure to captivate young listeners.


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