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Waterford’s technology-based curriculum is used in classrooms around the world to help students build English language skills through immersive, individualized instruction.

Immerse students in the English language with research-based curriculum

Personalize instruction with software that adjusts to each student’s level and pace

Build language skills with exposure to oral English and opportunities to practice speaking aloud


Waterford partners with government and non-governmental organizations as well as commercial organizations and foundations to bring its curriculum to classrooms around the world.

Technology-based curriculum

Waterford Early Learning ensures mastery of foundational English language skills with adaptive learning software that gives each student a unique experience focused on his or her abilities and progress.

English language instruction — plus, math and science activities

Research-based, proven effective

Built-in reporting tools to track student progress

Use at home or school

7,000+ activities, books and songs

Engaging, multimedia learning environment and student-friendly design


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