Role Description: Team Member, TASSEL Action Advisory Team for Cultural Proficiency

OUR MISSION seeks to blend the best aspects of learning science, mentoring relationships, and innovative technologies to form community, school, and home programs that deliver access, excellence and equity for all learners.


Research continues to highlight the crucial importance of reaching our youngest learners early in their educational odyssey. After decades of working at the nexus of technology, research, and education, is uniquely positioned to help make access to an excellent education a universal birthright. partners with over 500 school districts and independent schools serving PreK to 6. Waterford UPSTART provides tools that enable kindergarten readiness in over 20 states. Our practical solutions for building proficiency in reading, math, and science blend research and technology with art, music, and world-class support for educators and families. Our approach is maximizing impact while minimizing complexity and cost. Our team is composed of passionate individuals dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world. We are committed life-long learners and recognize that the solutions of tomorrow require us to be our best today.


We recognize that we must continue to develop our approach to this work, employing methods that demonstrate our respect for children and parents, their backgrounds, perspectives and priorities, and centering cultural proficiency in the creation and modification of our programs and materials. We understand the importance of equity and inclusion in a diverse, multi-site, community-facing organization is fundamental to our mission and success and takes everyone’s commitment.

Therefore, as part of a broad effort to design and implement effective, culturally-relevant practices related to diversity, equity and inclusion, will convene an action advisory team comprising members whose professional and lived experience qualify them to advise the Waterford Board and leadership on cultural proficiency. The action advisory team will work to strengthen Waterford’s ability to attract and retain more diverse talent across the organization, and better serve our students, families, and schools.


Action advisory team members will provide research expertise, advise on content development and improving participant experience, support improved staff experience, and create accountability for cultural proficiency progress. Specific responsibilities include:


Support & influence to operationalize DEI vision:

Provide leadership, collaboration, and support to the Board and leadership team to differentiate our organizational vision for DEI into role-specific actions and accountability systems; and ensure that our DEI vision is infused into the DNA of the organization through its systems, tools, policies, structures, and practices.

Review program materials and other content:

Support an audit of Waterford’s program content that measures responsiveness to the cultural differences that impact the lives and learning of our students; share research and methodologies, and make recommendations that yield increased integration of families’ cultures, heritage and experiences in Waterford’s curriculum, and bring them to life through program execution, to strengthen the relationships between Waterford and the communities we serve and improve student achievement.

Communication & Progress Monitoring:

Develop consistent communication and feedback mechanisms to ensure we are able to identify, discuss, and address equity issues impacting our students, parents, partners, and staff. Develop communication systems to share best practices, highlight bright spots, and keep staff apprised of key initiatives and activities.


TASSEL Action Advisory Team Members must have a deep passion for social justice and educational equity for all children, and bring content knowledge in one or more of several key areas: early childhood education, literacy, educational technology and content development, or talent. You have been successful infusing equity consciousness and implementing related support systems across organizations, and rely on data and insights derived from active listening, to drive the work and make it meaningful to others. Your inclination to meet people where they are and support their growth and learning positions you to influence individuals and teams without need of positional authority.


As a member of Waterford’s Action Advisory Team for Cultural Proficiency, you will affiliate with one of the field’s fastest growing, most highly recognized (a 2019, Audacious Project winner, selected from among 1500+ applicants) nonprofits, and engage with other recognized thought leaders, alongside team members and philanthropic partners, who are putting equity squarely at the center of their work,


The action advisory team will meet four times per year; twice in person and twice virtually. Team members will receive an annual stipend of $10,000, and the cost of travel and lodging for in-person meetings will be covered by Waterford. Ideally, members will serve a three-year term.


Please submit a letter of interest and your resume to Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis
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