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Waterford Best Practices: Setting Usage Goals

Did you know that you can set custom usage goals for your Waterford reports and dashboards based on your district’s specific needs?

Usage goals are set to default to the Waterford recommendation of 5 days per week and 15 or 30 minutes per day. These default goals may be higher than your district’s goals, meaning your students are showing up as “red,” or underperforming. To prevent this, administrators can use the enhanced usage goals feature in the settings page to input their own district’s goals. Here’s how:

How to Set Waterford Usage Goals

  • Log in to your Manager account.
  • Select Settings in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select School Year/Goals.

Screenshot of manager dashboard

  • Check that your school year dates are correct and update if necessary.
  • Open the program for which you want to modify goals
  • Enter the “Minutes per Day” and “Days per Week” for each grade level. Remember that engagement will be measured according to the goals you set here.
  • Select “Close” and then “Save.” Goals will be reflected on your dashboards after 24 hours.

Screenshot of dashboards goals manager

Changes to the usage goals will not affect the existing reports. Dashboard calculations take place overnight, so changes to the usage goals are not reflected until 24 hours later. Adjustments can be made as often as necessary.

You can download a PDF of these instructions, or visit the Help Site for more information on how to use your dashboard and reporting tools. Issues or questions? Contact us at www.waterford.org/support.