Wrapping Up the School Year with Waterford


As summer approaches, here are some things you can do with Waterford to wrap up this school year and get ready for the next one.

Run End-of-Year Reports

Before you reset your data for next year, generate a final progress report for each student. Report data is only saved for the current school year, so you will want to save reports now to keep a record of your data. Use the help site for help with generating reports and exporting data. Remember, a new feature released this year lets you export and manage data in a spreadsheet.

Combat Summer Slide With Home Access

Enable home access and let your students continue learning through the summer. With home access, students can log in to Waterford at home and continue where they left off at the end of the year. See the help site for instructions and tips on using home access.

Stay Up To Date With Waterford

Students may have the summer off, but we keep working to improve Waterford software for all of our users. Follow our Release Notes to stay informed on all of the new features we release.


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